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Epilepsy Surgery Service

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About the Epilepsy Surgery Service website

This website was developed to provide information and support to people with epilepsy being considered for, or undergoing, resective surgery for epilepsy at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

This site may also be of interest to people who are not considering surgery but would like to learn more about the service and the available support. Many of the resources provided are not specific to surgery and therefore are valuable to anyone with a diagnosis of epilepsy.

The first aim of the site is to provide information about all aspects of the epilepsy surgery pathway in Oxford, from initial assessments, surgery itself and the post-surgery period. Whilst practical information about the pathway is important and necessary, the decision about whether to have surgery if it is offered, negotiating the post-surgery recovery period and adjusting to changed situations following surgery can be challenging for both patients and relatives.

The second aim of the website therefore is to provide sources of information to support these more complex aspects of the pathway. We are aware that a vast number of sources of potentially helpful information already exist but that it can be difficult to sift through the array of information to find what is directly relevant and helpful.

We have attempted to identify the most relevant, helpful and accessible information and have provided numerous links to specific sites and pages with some commentary to help make identification of relevant material easier. This may also be of benefit to anyone with a diagnosis of epilepsy, whether they are considering surgery or not.

The site has not been developed as a substitute for discussion with members of the Epilepsy Surgery Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), but as an additional resource that we hope will be helpful.

Some links will take you to external sites; information in these sites is not specific, and may differ from assessments at Oxford.

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The development of this website was made possible by a charitable donation to the Department of Neuropsychology in the Russell Cairns Unit via Oxford Hospitals Charity.

The website was developed by Megan Webb, Assistant Psychologist, under the supervision of Claire Isaac, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, in close collaboration with all members of the Epilepsy Surgery MDT, and service-users Kevin and Sarah and their relatives.

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