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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Oxfordshire Children's Diabetes Service

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Clinic days and locations

Day Site Frequency Type
Monday morning Oxford Weekly 12 and under general
Monday afternoon Oxford Weekly Over 13 general
Monday morning Oxford Monthly (second of month) Under 12 Annual Review
Monday afternoon Oxford Monthly (second of month) Over 12 Annual Review
Tuesday morning Banbury Monthly (first of month) Annual review
Tuesday afternoon Banbury Monthly (first of month) Nurse / Dietitian
Thursday morning Oxford Monthly Nurse / Dietitian
Wednesday afternoon Oxford Weekly Nurse / Dietitian
Thursday morning Banbury Fortnightly General
Thursday afternoon OCDEM, Churchill Hospital Monthly Transition
Friday afternoon Oxford Weekly Nurse / Dietitian
Friday morning Oxford Fortnightly General
Friday morning Oxford Quarterly Sports Clinic

If you need to change a clinic booking, please look at the list above and find out which clinic it was that you were booked for.

If you need to discuss your clinic appointment with a member of our team, please contact:

We would prefer if you could book back into the same type of clinic.

It is important that all children and young people with diabetes have a clinic appointment at least four times per year, so if you have not received an appointment, please contact Will (above) to arrange one.

You can also contact us via OUH Appointments.

It is also essential that all children and young people have an Annual Review every year in one of the special clinics. This will generally take place in the month of the anniversary of your child's diabetes diagnosis.

Please contact appointments to book an Annual Review.

There may be a medical student in the clinic when you come for your appointment: please do tell us if you would prefer not to have a student there.