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Oxford Children's Hospital

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Hearing aids

If your child has a temporary or permanent hearing loss, we may offer them hearing aids to help with their hearing.

Hearing aids are electronic devices which make it easier to hear sounds and speech. They are programmed to the individual's hearing level and are specific to that person.

They have two parts, an earmould and a behind-the-ear hearing aid, and come in a range of colours.

Taking care of hearing aids

Clean the earmould daily with a wet wipe, after it is removed from the child's ear.

Look at the tubing and check if you can see any wax or condensation. Wax can be picked out of the end of the earmould with a thin object, such as a paperclip or a cocktail stick. The tubing needs to be replaced every four to six months.

Hearing aids are battery-powered. They can be switched off at night-time, and, when not being worn, by opening up the battery compartment (see picture).Hearing aid battery compartment diagram

If your child is very young, you may have been given a tool to help with this.

When you want to use the hearing aid again, simply shut the battery drawer and it will turn on. Keep hearing aids and batteries out of reach of small children and pets.

Nominate a specific day of the week (e.g. Sunday) and change them weekly: this lessens the risk of a battery running out unexpectedly.

If your child's hearing aids don't appear to be working, please contact us to arrange a repair appointment.

Educational Support

Special Educational Needs Support Services Hearing Impairment Team (SENSS - HI)

Children with hearing aids are offered a referral to the Hearing Impairment Team. If a child is at school, the team will visit the school to support their access to learning. They are also a point of contact for any problems.

For younger children, they provide support for families after a diagnosis, and help to monitor the child's progress.

Paediatric Audiology works closely with the Hearing Impairment Team to ensure children's hearing needs are met.