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Churchill Hospital and the Cancer Care Fund

The Churchill Hospital is a centre of excellence for cancer services and other specialties, including renal services and transplant, dermatology, haemophilia, infectious diseases, chest medicine, medical genetics and palliative care.

It is also a major centre for medical research with our partners at Oxford University Medical School and Oxford Brookes University's School of Healthcare Studies.

Your support across the Churchill continues to make a difference to the thousands of patients we treat. You can donate to an individual ward, area or research fund or support the Cancer Care Fund.

Churchill Surgical Unit Appeal

Medical and dental vacancies

Dig deep for day surgery unit

Our latest appeal will touch the lives of over 8,000 people every year who have surgery at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford - many for cancer conditions. More about the Churchill Surgical Unit Appeal

Donate to the Surgical Unit Appeal

Help us continue to provide the best medical equipment and facilities to our cancer patients

March 2009 saw the completion of a major new development at the Churchill Hospital, consisting of an integrated Cancer and Haematology Centre, a Surgery and Diagnostics Centre and the Wytham Wing, housing the Wytham Ward for transplant patients.

The Cancer Centre Campaign raised over £3 million to help equip the new Centre to the very highest standards and make it a welcoming and calming environment for patients.

Building on this success, the Cancer Care Fund continues to support cancer causes across our hospitals, ensuring that further improvements can continue to be made and that we are able to keep up with the very latest medical developments.

If you would like to support the Churchill Hospital, the Cancer Care Fund or any of the wards / research funds at the Churchill please contact us:

You can also make a donation online:

Do remember to tick the gift aid box if you are eligible, as that will increase your donation by 25 percent.

Tony's story

Tony Reeves

Former RAF Benson postmaster Tony Reeves was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, a serious form of bone marrow cancer, in 2010. He had four lots of gruelling chemotherapy over seven months before the news came that a stem cell donor had been found for him.

Tony explained:

"The staff were wonderful, treating me and my family with such care and kindness. Having come through the other end I really wanted to raise some funds that could be used in a practical way to help future patients."

Like many successful fundraisers before him, Tony encouraged colleagues, friends and family to get involved with his plans, including the 41 Club in Wallingford and its ladies' section, Tangent.

Friends organised a charity walk from Christmas Common to Warborough, and another completed a triathlon. Tony's son Paul, whose partner Ross Anthony is a popular TV presenter in Germany, sold memorabilia to further boost the total.

Together the group have raised over £5,400 for the Haematology Ward where he was treated. The money is being used to fund a food fridge for haematology patients, as well as a clinical blood fridge for storing blood in peak condition ready for instant use.

Staff nurse Jennifer Paterson said: "We're delighted Tony is doing well. This group has been so inventive with fundraising, and we are so grateful for all they have done."

A Modern Library in the Cancer Centre

Rosemary Griffiths and Jill Wilson

Harry's Audio Library was set up by Jill Wilson for the benefit of cancer patients in memory of her husband, Harry. He spent many months receiving treatment in the Churchill Hospital, and often became too tired even to hold a book.

Jill explains: "He needed something to occupy his mind, and I came to realise how audio facilities could help comfort and ease the ordeals of patients and their relatives. It could also support the staff caring for them. So shortly after my husband's Memorial Service, I decided that I would try to establish an Audio Library".

Harry's Audio Library is now well-equipped across many of the wards in the Cancer Centre, with a wide range of audio books, music CDs and magazines. However, funds are needed for further equipment and magazine subscriptions.

Please help us support this wonderful library - you can donate in any of the following ways:

  • Tel: 01865 743444
  • Email:
  • Cheque made out to ORH Charitable Funds (fund 0570)

    posted to
    Lucy Budgett, ORH Charitable Funds
    Manor House
    Headley Way
    Oxford OX3 9DZ
  • Online:
    In the 'leave a message' box, or free text box, please type 'A Modern Library - Fund number 0570' to ensure it goes to the right place.

Thank you for supporting Harry's Audio Library!

Picture: Rosemary Griffiths and Jill Wilson (right)