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The Link Gallery

The Link Gallery at the John Radcliffe Hospital is situated along the corridor to Trauma Outpatients.

It is programmed by the arts organisation notfamousyet to showcase new work by emerging and mid-career artists, often focusing on the stories behind their work and providing an insight into artists' working processes. Exhibitions change every three months.

Cow Photofinish

An installation by Julian Benjamin
1 June to 31 August 2019

A 26 metre long print depicting the race to the milking shed.

The unlikely pairing of a dairy herd with photo finish technology is offered as a commentary on human-data relations. In the digital world, our own data is as much a commodity as the milk our subjects are on their way to deliver. This installation also speaks of a wider tension between culture and nature - a convergence of the two played out in a granular and glitched tragicomedy.

Julian is also exhibiting his Dog Photographs at the Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford from 21 June to 20 July 2019.

Two cow silhouettes stretched and distorted

A Boatbuilder's Story

1 March to 31 May 2019

This exhibition documents and celebrates the work of Colin Henwood who has worked as a boat builder on the Thames for nearly 40 years. Through these images you will get to know Lady Charlotte, Nicolotta and Sweet Myrrh - just some of the boats he has built, re-built or restored.

Most of the photographs are by Michael English, with whom Colin collaborated on the book 'Head, Heart, Hand, a Boatbuilder's Story.'

Photo: a bearded man carefully sands an oar in a workshop

United! Drawings by Elliot Nash

2 December 2018 to 28 February 2019
12 year old Elliot Nash is an extraordinary young artist who has developed his own strong visual language at a remarkably early age. His subject matter ranges from current events and episodes from his own life experience to his passion for Oxford United FC. He uses any medium that comes to hand working with a sense of purpose that produces dynamic, highly detailed outcomes.
Brightly coloured and complex patterned painting

Hifsa and Tesbiha Mahmood: Memoirs in Pakistan - Letters to our Self

1 September to 31 November 2018

Hifsa and Tesbiha Mahmood are sisters working as clinical pharmacists at the John Radcliffe Hospital. They share a passion for travelling.

This exhibition is a collection of photographs accompanied by thoughts, reflections and conversations between those two young women whilst travelling across Pakistan, through the ancient Mughal ruins of Lahore to the spectacular peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.

Mountains with a clear sky behind

Recurring Dreams: Photographs by Bharat Patel

2 June to 31 August 2018
In this exhibition Bharat Patel explores what visitors or residents of Oxford may experience in their dreams: an intriguing interplay between time and memories of Oxford.
A surrealist photo montage of cyclists in an Oxford Street with a waterway and historic buildings

FarmAbility: Photographs by Howard Stanbury

1 March to 31 May 2018

FarmAbility is an outdoor, farm-based programme for people with autism and/or learning disabilities.

These photographs, taken by Howard Stanbury for FarmAbility, capture co-farmers' abilities and the different ways in which they can make a valuable contribution to a thriving, productive community on the farm.

Young man holding trays of eggs, with chickens at his feet

Hemingway Art: behind the scenes of a contemporary art gallery

1 December 2017 to 28 February 2018
In the small village of Cassington, just behind the church, you can find one of Oxfordshire's leading contemporary art galleries.
It's a project of love and dedication run by Sue and John Hemingway from their home. This exhibition gives you a peek behind the scenes of how this operation runs and introduces some of the gallery's artists.
Interior of the Hemingway Gallery

Ten by Four

1 September to 30 November 2017
In this group exhibition four local photographers select ten images of their recent work to show in The Link Gallery. The photos explore diverse themes around Oxford and beyond. From left to right: Alexander Gordón, Darrell Godliman, Karen Morecroft, and Howard Stanbury.
Black and white photo of four people

A Place - A Thought: Photographs by Uwe Ackermann

1 June to 31 August 2017

Uwe Ackermannis a Professor Emeritus of Physiology and amateur photographer, living and exhibiting in Oxford. In this exhibition he captured moments that tell a unique story - sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical.

About this exhibition he says, "My special interest lies in the tension and dialogue between photographers who describe the world around them and those artists who create novel visual ideas in a medium where almost everything that can be photographed has already been photographed."

Photograph of person sitting on pebbly beach