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Trust Board papers for 14 July 2021

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2021
Time: 9.00am
Location: This meeting was held virtually

All papers are in pdf format.

If you would like a paper copy of the meeting papers, kindly email


The Trust Board meeting on 14 July 2021 was recorded in full because it was held virtually, due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

It is available to watch on our YouTube channel:

You can also watch a standalone video recording of the Trust's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Bruno Holthof, presenting his Chief Executive's Report during the Board meeting:

Chief Executive Officer's Report 14 July 2021


Item Reference Paper title
  TB2021.00 Agenda (pdf, 120 KB)
02 TB2021.42 Minutes of the Trust Board Meeting in Public held on Wednesday 12 May 2021
(pdf, 166 KB)
05 TB2021.43 Chief Executive Officer's Report (pdf, 265 KB)
06 TB2021.44 Staff story (pdf, 246 KB)
07 TB2021.45 Integrated Performance Report Month 2 (pdf, 5.3 MB)
08 TB2021.46 Annual Public Meeting 2021 (pdf, 174 KB)
09 TB2021.47 Freedom to Speak Up - annual report 2020/2021 (pdf, 192 KB)
10 TB2021.48 Maternity Incentive Scheme Update Report (pdf, 323 KB)
11 TB2021.49 CRN Thames Valley and South Midlands Annual Progress Report (pdf, 180 KB)

Appendix 1: 2021/22 Annual Plan [pending]

  TB2021.49b Appendix 2: 2021/22 NIHR CRN High Level Objectives (HLOs) [pending]
  TB2021.49c Appendix 3: CRN Thames Valley and South Midlands 2020/21 LCRN Annual Report [pending]
12 TB2021.50 OUH Constitution Review: Final Phase (pdf, 162 KB)
  TB2021.50a Appendix: Constitution for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (pending)
13 TB2021.51 Trust Management Executive Report (pdf, 175 KB)
  TB2021.51a Disciplinary Procedure [pending]
14 TB2021.52 Public Engagement, Patient Experience, PALS and Complaints Annual Report 2020-21 (pdf, 505 KB)
15 TB2021.53 End of Life Care Annual Report (pdf, 232 KB)
16 TB2021.54 Annual Report for Tissue Viability 2020/21 (pdf, 337 KB)
17 TB2021.55 Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response - Annual Report July 2021 (pdf, 323 KB)
18 TB2021.56 CQC Inspection Report - Infection Prevention and Control (pdf, 314 KB)
19 TB2021.57 OUH Draft Quality Account 2020-21 (pdf, 176 KB)
  TB2021.57a OUH Quality Account 2020-21 (pdf)
20 TB2021.58 Board Assurance and Corporate Risk Register Report (pdf, 750 KB)
22a TB2021.59 Learning from deaths report - Q4 2020-21 (pdf, 779 KB)
22b TB2021.60 Integrated Assurance Committee Report (pdf, 173 KB)
22c TB2021.61 Audit Committee Chair's Report (pdf, 181 KB)
22d TB2021.62 Consultant Appointments and Signing of Documents (pdf, 191 KB)

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