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Trust board papers for 10 May 2017

Date: Wednesday 10 May 2017
Time: 10.00am
Location: Training Room, Horton General Hospital

All papers are in pdf format.

Reference Paper title
TB2017.00 Agenda (pdf, 38 KB)
TB2017.40 Minutes of the Trust Board meeting held in public on Wednesday 8 March 2017 (pdf, 198 KB)
TB2017.41 Consolidated Action Log 16-17 (pdf, 85 KB)
TB2017.42 Chief Executive's Report (pdf, 79 KB)
TB2017.43 Mr W - a Patient Perspective (pdf, 77 KB)
TB2017.44 Update on obstetric and neonatal services at HGH (pdf, 37 KB)
TB2017.45 Quality Committee Chairman's Report (pdf, 91 KB)
TB2017.46 Board Quality Report (pdf, 1.5 MB)
TB2017.46a Appendix 1: Board Quality Report Dashboard (pdf, 366 KB)
TB2017.46b Appendix 2: Patient experience dashboard (pdf, 61 KB)
TB2017.46c Appendix 3: Triangulation of Safe Staffing against HR metrics and Nurse Sensitive Indicators (pdf, 720 KB)
TB2017.46d Appendix 4: Safe Staffing for Nursing at OUH NHS Foundation Trust (pdf, 975 KB)
TB2017.47 Finance and Performance Committee Chairman's Report (pdf, 68 KB)
TB2017.48 Integrated Performance Report: Month 12 (pdf, 642 KB)
TB2017.49 Financial Performance to 31 March 2017 (pdf, 413 KB)
TB2017.50 Quarterly Report on Organisational Development and Workforce Performance - Quarter 4, 2016/17 (pdf, 140 KB)
TB2017.50a Appendix 1: OD and Workforce Performance Dashboard 2016/17 Q4 (pdf, 299 KB)
TB2017.50b Appendix 2: Staff Recruitment and Retention Initiatives - Update (pdf, 243 KB)
TB2017.51 Audit Committee Chairman's Report (pdf, 52 KB)
TB2017.52 Trust Management Executive Report (pdf, 60 KB)
TB2017.53 Health and Safety Management Policy (pdf, 41 KB)
TB2017.53a Appendix 1: Health and Safety Management Policy (pdf, 329 KB)
TB2017.54 Board Assurance and Corporate Risk Register Report (pdf, 102 KB)
TB2017.54a Appendix 1: Corporate Risk Register 30/03/2017 (pdf, 313 KB)
TB2017.55 Information Governance and Data Quality Group Bi-annual Review (pdf, 242 KB)
TB2017.56 Register of Interests and Register of Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship Report (pdf, 47 KB)
TB2017.56a Appendix 1: Register of Interest – Updated 03/05/17 (pdf, 91 KB)
TB2017.57 Consultant Appointments and Signing of Documents (pdf, 62 KB)

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