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Trust Board papers for 9 September 2015

Date: Wednesday 9 September 2015
Time: 10.00am
Location: Seminar Rooms 4 A/B, George Pickering Education Centre, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital

All papers are in pdf format.

Reference # Paper title
N/A Agenda (pdf, 45 KB)
TB2015.101 Minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2015 (pdf, 198 KB)
TB2015.102 Action Log (pdf, 23 KB)
TB2015.103 Chief Executive's Report (pdf, 62 KB)
TB2015.104 Patient Story (pdf, 78 KB)
TB2015.105 Quality Committee Report (pdf, 71 KB)
TB2015.106 Quality Report (pdf, 968 KB)
TB2015.106x Appendix: Inpatient Safe Staffing Dashboard (pdf, 128 KB)
TB2015.106y Appendix 1: Quality Account Summary (pdf, 541 KB)
TB2015.106z Appendix 2: Sign Up to Safety (pdf, 208 KB)
TB2015.107 Finance and Performance Committee Report (pdf, 66 KB)
TB2015.108 Integrated Performance Report (pdf, 1.3 MB)
TB2015.109 Update on Action Plans relating to trajectory for operational performance in Q3, 2015/16 (pdf, 569 KB)
TB2015.110 Financial Performance up to 31 July 2015 (pdf, 323 KB)
TB2015.111 Report on Progress in Review of operational productivity in NHS providers (Lord Carter's Report) (pdf, 50 KB)
TB2015.111a Appendix: Carter Interim Report June 2015 (pdf, 1.1 MB)
TB2015.112 OUH Annual Audit Letter 2014-15 (cover sheet) (pdf, 40 KB)
TB2015.112a Appendix: OUH Annual Audit Letter 2014-15 (pdf, 46 KB)
TB2015.113 Trust Management Executive Report (pdf, 62 KB)
TB2015.114 Lessons Learned from CQC Report on Crisis Care in Mental Health Services (pdf, 3 MB)
TB2015.115 OUH Patient and Public Involvement Strategy 2016-19 (pdf, 115 KB)
TB2015.115a Appendix 1: PPI Strategy Draft for Consultation (pdf, 144 KB)
TB2015.115b Appendix 2: PPI Strategy Action Plan (pdf, 111 KB)
TB2015.116 Update on Foundation Trust Application (pdf, 71 KB)
TB2015.117 NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Thames Valley and South Midlands: Quarterly Report (pdf, 68 KB)
TB2015.117a Appendix 1: CRN Thames Valley and South Midlands Annual Plan 2015-16 (pdf, 1 MB)
TB2015.117b Appendix 2: CRN Thames Valley and South Midlands Performance Review July 2015 (pdf, 556 KB)
TB2015.118 Update on Medical Education, including results of Surveys and HETV Quality Management Gradings (pdf, 210 KB)
TB2015.118x Appendix 2: (pdf, 67 KB)
TB2015.118y Appendix 3: (pdf, 64 KB)
TB2015.118z Appendix 4: National Student Survey for Medicine 2015 (pdf, 104 KB)
TB2015.119 Emergency Perparedness, Resilience and Response: Annual Report 2014/15 (pdf, 184 KB)
TB2015.120 Consultant Appointments and Signing of Documents (pdf, 65 KB)

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