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Trust Board papers for September 2012

Date: 6 September 2012
Time: 10.00am
Location: George Pickering Education Centre, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital

All papers are in pdf format.

Reference # Paper title
N/A Agenda (pdf, 89 KB)
TB2012.73 Minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2012 (pdf, 156 KB)
TB2012.74 Action log (pdf, 62 KB)
TB2012.75 Chief Executive's report (pdf, 83 KB)
TB2012.76a Monthly Quality Report (pdf, 324 KB)
TB2012.76b Appendix 1 - Divisional Quality Scoreboards (pdf, 117 KB)
TB2012.77 Infection Control Annual Report 2011/2012 (pdf, 358 KB)
TB2012.78 Medical Revalidation Update (pdf, 123 KB)
TB2012.79a Delayed Transfer of Care Provider Action Plan (pdf, 47 KB)
TB2012.79b Appendix 1 - DTOC Provider Programme (pdf, 304 KB)
TB2012.80a Board Governance Memorandum and Quality Governance self-assessment (pdf, 99 KB)
TB2012.80b Appendix 1 - Quality Governance Self-Assessment (pdf, 173 KB)
TB2012.80c Appendix 2 - BGM Submission Document (pdf, 292 KB)
TB2012.81 Foundation Trust update (pdf, 72 KB)
TB2012.82a Oxford Academic Health Science Network (pdf, 77 KB)
TB2012.82b Appendix 1 - OAHSN Expression of Interest (pdf, 154 KB)
TB2012.83a Full Business Case for the provision of an Integrated Spinal Pathway (pdf, 181 KB)
TB2012.83b Appendix A - Background Information - Spinal Services (pdf, 41 KB)
TB2012.83c Appendix B - Integrated Spinal Pathway - Financial Analysis (pdf, 70 KB)
TB2012.83d Appendix C - Equality analysis: business case to develop an Integrated Spinal Pathway (pdf, 206 KB)
TB2012.83e Appendix D - Proposed Spinal Consultant Job Plan (pdf, 36 KB)
TB2012.84a Full Business Case for the provision of Psychological Medicine (pdf, 159 KB)
TB2012.84b Appendix A - Consultants' Outline Job Plan (pdf, 24 KB)
TB2012.84c Appendix B - Psychological Medicine Liaison Nurse Job Description (pdf, 26 KB)
TB2012.84d Appendix C - Integrated Psychological Medicine Service Business Case - Expenditure (pdf, 38 KB)
TB2012.84e Appendix D - Equality analysis: Establishment of an Integrated Psychological Medicine Service at the OUH (pdf, 149 KB)
TB2012.85a Operational Report (pdf, 48 KB)
TB2012.85b Appendix A - Performance Framework for Acute Trusts 2012-13 (pdf, 316 KB)
TB2012.86 Finance Report (pdf, 261 KB)
TB2012.87 Workforce Report (pdf, 192 KB)
TB2012.88 Interim Integrated Performance Report (pdf, 597 KB)
TB2012.89a Self-Certification (pdf, 60 KB)
TB2012.89b Appendix A - NHS Trust self certification (pdf, 154 KB)
TB2012.90 Audit and Finance Committee Report (pdf, 126 KB)
TB2012.91 Finance and Performance Committee Report (pdf, 126 KB)
TB2012.92 Quality Committee Report (pdf, 150 KB)
TB2012.93a Governance of Board Committees (pdf, 86 KB)
TB2012.93b Appendix 1 - Arrangements for Deputising for Executive Directors (pdf, 41 KB)
TB2012.93c Appendix 2 - Trust Board Codes of Conduct Declaration (pdf, 47 KB)
TB2012.93d Appendix 3 - Register of Interest (pdf, 53 KB)
TB2012.93e Appendix 4 - Trust Public Board Annual Cycle of Business (pdf, 79 KB)
TB2012.94 Consultant Appointments and Signing of Documents (pdf, 81 KB)