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Trust Board papers for November 2012

Date: 1 November 2012
Time: 9.00am
Location: George Pickering Education Centre, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital

All papers are in pdf format.

Reference # Paper title
TB2012.00 Agenda (pdf, 40KB)
TB2012.95 Minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2012 (pdf, 100 KB)
TB2012.96 Action log (pdf, 304 KB)
TB2012.97 Chief Executive report (pdf, 80 KB)
TB2012.97a Chief Executive report attachment (pdf, 420 KB)
TB2012.98 Monthly Quality report (pdf, 180 KB)
TB2012.98a MARS Division metrics September (pdf, 212 KB)
TB2012.99 Foundation Trust update and consultation (pdf, 156 KB)
TB2012.99a Draft Constitution (pdf, 33KB)
TB2012.100 Emergency Planning Annual Report (pdf, 140 KB)
TB2012.101 Business case twin theatres (pdf, 104 KB)
TB2012.101a Theatre utilisation NOC Appendix A (pdf, 12 KB)
TB2012.101b Orthopaedic MARS referrals Appendix B (pdf, 104 KB)
TB2012.101c Summary of production plan Orthopaedic Appendix C (pdf, 68KB)
TB2012.101d Proposed theatre timetable NOC Appendix D (pdf, 40KB)
TB2012.101e Financial pro forma Appendix E (pdf, 68KB)
TB2012.102 Integrated performance report (pdf, 96KB)
TB2012.102a GRR OUH self-certification Appendix A (pdf, 92KB)
TB2012.102b FRR OUH self-certification Appendix B (pdf, 24KB)
TB2012.102c IPF Main report Appendix C (pdf, 308)
TB2012.103 Operational performance report month 6 (pdf, 48KB)
TB2012.104 Finance report to September (pdf, 48KB)
TB2012.105 Workforce report (pdf, 152KB)
TB2012.106 Monthly self-certification report (pdf, 152KB)
TB2012.106a Copy of OUH self-certification (pdf, 204KB)
TB2012.107 Intellectual property policy paper (pdf, 204KB)
TB2012.107a Intellectual property policy (pdf, 50KB)
TB2012.108 Annual Health Safety report (pdf, 51KB)
TB2012.108a Health and Safety Annual Report (pdf, 51.5KB)
TB2012.109 Gifts and hospitality (pdf, 46.5)
TB2012.109a Gifts and hospitality Appendix A (pdf, 35.7)
TB2012.110 Annual Audit Committee report (pdf, 54.8)
TB2012.110a Annual Audit Committee report Appendix A (pdf, 198KB)
TB2012.111 Annual audit letter (pdf, 53.9)
TB2012.112 Board sub-committee appointments (pdf, 51.5)
TB2012.113 Audit Committee report (pdf, 48.5)
TB2012.113a Audit Committee Appendix A (pdf, 53.1)
TB2012.113b Audit Committee Appendix B (pdf, 30.4)
TB2012.114 Finance and Performance Committee October report (pdf, 57.4)
TB2012.114a Finance and Audit Committee Appendix A (pdf, 60.7)
TB2012.114b Finance and Audit Committee Appendix B (pdf, 53.2)
TB2012.115 Quality Committee report (pdf, 58.2)
TB2012.115a Quality Committtee report Appendix A (pdf, 106)
TB2012.115b Quality Committee report Appendix B (pdf, 78.3)
TB2012.116 Consultant appoointments and signing of documents (pdf, 62.3)