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Trust Board papers for July 2012

Date: 5 July 2012
Time: 10.00am
Location: George Pickering Education Centre, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital

All papers are in pdf format.

Reference # Paper title
N/A Agenda (pdf, 90 KB)
TB2012.58 Minutes of the meeting held on 3 May 2012 (pdf, 122 KB)
TB2012.58a (i) Action Log and Matters Arising from the minutes (pdf, 38 KB)
TB2012.58a (ii) Action Log and Matters Arising from the minutes (pdf, 57 KB)
TB2012.58b Chief Executive's report (pdf, 82 KB)
TB2012.59 (i) Monthly Quality Report (pdf, 299 KB)
TB2012.59 (ii) Monthly Quality Report dashboard (pdf, 29 KB)
TB2012.60 6 Month Post-NOC Integration Update on Benefits Realisation (pdf, 79 KB)
TB2012.61 Oxford Academic Health Science Network (pdf, 81 KB)
TB2012.62 Response to Oxfordshire's Health and Well Being Strategy 2012-16 (pdf, 531 KB)
TB2012.63 Development of Strategies for Risk, Assurance and Quality (pdf, 137 KB)
TB2012.64(i) OUH Trust IM&T Strategy 2012-2017 (pdf, 86 KB)
TB2012.64(ii) OUH Trust IM&T Strategy 2012-2017 (pdf, 592 KB)
TB2012.65 Foundation Trust Development Programme update (pdf, 135 KB)
TB2012.66 (i) Staff Engagement Programme Update, including proposals for Staff Recognition Scheme (pdf, 324 KB)
TB2012.66 (ii) Empowered to Care poster (pdf, 472 KB)
TB2012.67 Review of Trust 2011/12 Business Plan (pdf, 215 KB)
TB2012.68 Trust Business Plan 2012/13 (pdf, 603 KB)
TB2012.69 Full Business Case for the Establishment of a Translational Molecular Diagnostic Centre at the Churchill Hospital (pdf, 362 KB)
TB2012.70 (i) Shadow Integrated Performance Report (pdf, 51 KB)
TB2012.70 (ii) Performance Framework (Trust Summary) (pdf, 494 KB)
TB2012.71 Financial Performance to 31 May 2012 (pdf, 358 KB)
TB2012.72 Consultant Appointments and Signing of Documents (pdf, 72 KB)