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Staff Recognition Awards 2019

The awards invite staff and patients to tell us about members of staff and teams who have gone above and beyond their role to make a difference.

More than 1,500 nominations were received for the 2019 Staff Recognition Awards – congratulations to all staff, volunteers and fundraisers who were nominated, and thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to nominate staff colleagues.

A big thank you to Oxford Hospitals Charity for generously supporting the Staff Recognition Awards - both the Trust-wide awards ceremony on 4 December 2019 and the Divisional events. Their support makes these important celebrations of staff achievements possible.

Divisional Staff Recognition Awards events

Hundreds of staff who have been nominated were recognised at Divisional awards ceremonies.

Trust-wide Staff Recognition Awards ceremony

Winners were announced at an awards ceremony at Oxford Town Hall on Wednesday 4 December 2019.

Doctor of the Year

Dr Chris Kearns

Pictured with Professor Meghana Pandit, Chief Medical Officer

Dr  Chris Kearns receives award

"I felt like I was bursting with pride to say that's Dr Chris Kearns, our Medical Director."

Nurse / Midwife of the Year

Janine Beck

Pictured with with Sam Foster, Chief Nursing Officer

Janine Beck receives award

"The patient is at the heart of all - Janine is the lynchpin of patient care."

Allied Health Professional / Pharmacist / Healthcare Scientist of the Year

Joanna Snowball

Pictured with Katie Kapernaros, Non-executive Director

Joanna Snowball receives award

"She's really dedicated to our patients... she's a super team player and really good to work with."

Clinical Support Worker of the Year

Samantha Bowles

Pictured with Anne Tutt, Non-executive Director and Vice-Chair

Samantha Bowles receives award

"Sam really goes above and above... she makes children's journey through hospital enjoyable."

Non-Clinical Support Worker of the Year

Amanda Taylor

Pictured with Jane Nicholson, Interim Chief People Officer

Amanda Taylor receives award

"She'll notice the vulnerable adult in the room who's cold, and the next thing you know she's there with a warm blanket."

Leader of the Year

Dr Karen Steinhardt

Pictured with Dr Bruno Holthof, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Karen Steinhardt receives award

"She's responsible for excellent service... she's a very motivating leader and provides so much guidance and support."

New Starter of the Year

Katie Hards

Pictured with David Walliker, Chief Digital and Partnership Officer

Katie Hards receives award

"She's had a huge impact on patients and staff... Katie's really led on positive change."

Improvement and Innovation

SCAN (Suspected Cancer) Pathway Team

Pictured with Sarah Hordern, Non-executive Director

The SCAN Pathway Team receives their award

"The pathway is incredibly innovative... the team are always dedicated and patient-focused."

Clinical Team of the Year

JR and West Wing Theatres

Pictured with Cecelia Gould, Lead Governor

The JR and West Wing Theatres team receives their award

"In all my time, I've never worked with a team like you... I feel very honoured to have been part of the project with you."

Non-Clinical Team of the Year

International Nurse Recruitment Team

Pictured with Sara Randall, Chief Operating Officer

Nine smiling people sitting around a table at an evening event

"It's proved to be very successful - we now have nurses working with us who wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the team."

Oxford Hospitals Charity Supporter of the Year

The Stead family

Pictured with Douglas Graham, Chief Executive Officer for Oxford Hospitals Charity

The Stead family receives award

"They inspired friends, family, the local community... it's a true testament to them."

Patients' Choice Award (joint winners)

DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) Team

Pictured with Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery, Chair

DAFNE team receives their award

"They taught us how to understand so many factors and take self-control... it's all become very easy, straightforward and understandable."

Patients' Choice Award (joint winners)

Dr Geetha Anand

Pictured with Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery, Chair

Dr Geetha Anand receives award

"She's been the most professional, approachable, and helpful person... we're always greeted with a friendly smile."

Photo gallery

Congratulations to all our Staff Recognition Awards nominees and winners

More pictures from the night are available in our photo gallery.

Staff Recognitions Awards 2019 - Finalists

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