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Meeting papers for January 2021

Date: Wednesday 13 January 2021
Time: 3.30pm to 5.45pm
Location: via video conference

Item Reference Paper title
CoG 2020.00 Agenda (pdf, 42 KB)
02 CoG 2020.01 Draft Minutes of the Council of Governors Meeting on 2 November 2020 (pdf, 71 KB)
03 CoG 2020.02 Council of Governors Action Log 2020/21 (pdf, 78 KB)
05 Healthwatch Oxfordshire presentation to OUH Council of Governors, January 2021 (pdf, 638 KB)
08 CoG 2020.03 Health and Wellbeing - looking after our people (pdf, 00 KB) [Pending]
09 CoG 2020.04 Constitution Review (pdf, 00 KB) [Pending]
10 CoG 2020.05 Council of Governors Schedule for 2021/22 (pdf, 00 KB)