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Everyone counts - improving surgical outcomes

In Autumn 2013, outcome data including mortality and complication rates were published for individual consultants in ten specialties. The data for OUH consultants are given below.

The published metrics have not been without controversy: there are various concerns about data quality, whether cases are always attributed to the correct surgeon, and whether the published data takes sufficient account of the way in which the cases undertaken by different consultants can vary in complexity and difficulty.

A full explanation of the source of the data and its limitations can be found by following the links to the national data source for each specialty.

Consultants had the right to opt out of data publication. Despite concerns that were initially raised by local consultants in relation to data quality, all OUH employees consented to publication of data relating to their cases. Consultants are engaging constructively with national bodies to improve data quality going forward.

For information on surgical outcomes for each specialty please visit the websites at the links below.