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Energy Link project group says 'thank you'

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Friday 5 May 2017 marked the end of the work on the Energy Link across Headington; however, there are another ten days or so to go on Churchill Drive.

On behalf of all those involved on this project, we would like to thank everyone in Highfield, Councillors, City and County Council staff and all those who drove or walked past the Energy Link for:

  • months of patient understanding
  • being helpful and supportive
  • coming to liaison meetings
  • saying good morning
  • working together
  • suggestions
  • cheeriness
  • politeness
  • doughnuts
  • chatting
  • humour
  • smiles
  • emails
  • ideas
  • cakes
  • tea.

The Hospital Energy Project isn't over - in fact, it has barely begun in real terms - as the Energy Link, new CHP and boilers will be commissioned and tested with a view to them being operational in late summer.

But, the work across the roads is now complete - so thanks one and all for your support.