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Clinical Haematology

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Myeloma and Plasma-cell Dyscrasia Service

The Myeloma Service is based in the Cancer and Haematology Centre at the Churchill Hospital and is led by Dr Karthik Ramasamy.

Patients with a new diagnosis of myeloma or related conditions will reach our service through our Outpatient Department. Sometimes patients are referred to the service through admissions to other wards at the Churchill, John Radcliffe, Horton General or Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre.

Most patients with myeloma will have their treatment as outpatients or as day cases in the Haematology Day Treatment Unit at the Churchill Hospital or the Brodey Centre at the Horton General Hospital.

All patients receive the full support of our service and 'open door' access to our Triage Assessment Team.

Occasionally patients need admission to the Haematology Ward. These patients are reviewed at least once a day by a member of the medical team, and also the by the consultant during the ward rounds on Mondays and Thursdays.

Outpatients and patients in the Day Treatment Unit are seen regularly in the Myeloma Clinic by a consultant or specialist registrar.

All patients with a new diagnosis of myeloma are discussed at one of our weekly multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings and an individualised plan for treatment is agreed.

At key stages during treatment, each case is brought back to the MDT meeting so we can review how the myeloma is responding to treatment.

A new diagnosis and the treatment it entails can be stressful: we want to provide you with all the support you need during this time. As well as discussing your diagnosis and treatment with you (and a relative or friend if you wish) we will give you written information to take away.


We may ask our patients if they would like to take part in a clinical trial. For more information please visit:


  • Tuesdays 9.00am - 12.30pm
  • Wednesdays 2.00pm - 4.30pm
  • Fridays 1.00pm - 4.00pm
  • Level 0, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill Hospital

Myeloma Bone Health Clinic

  • Second Tuesday afternoon of the month
  • Level 0, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill Hospital

Our team


  • Dr Karthik Ramasamy
  • Dr Andy Peniket
  • Dr Jaimal Kothari

Advanced Nurse Practitioners


Myeloma Secretary

Further information

For more information about myeloma please visit:

Multiple myeloma - the NHS website