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Clinical Haematology

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Red Cell Service

The Red Cell Service provides a comprehensive clinical service for the population of Oxfordshire and acts as the hub for major haemoglobinopathy referrals for tertiary care from the Thames Valley network - sickle cell disease, thalassaemia and rare inherited anaemia.

We accept quaternary referrals for patients with rare inherited anaemias:

  • congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia
  • diamond-blackfan anaemia
  • congenital sideroblastic anaemia
  • pyruvate kinase deficiency and other red cell enzyme deficiencies
  • hereditary spherocytosis and other red cell membrane disorders.

We accept referrals from across the UK, with video consultations available for geographically distant patients.

We have strong links with other hospitals in the network, including:

  • joint quality, governance and education meetings
  • outreach nursing service
  • joint consultant appointments
  • specialist registrar rotational training.

The Red Cell Service has close links with the University of Oxford through internationally recognised units and laboratories with an interest in disorders of haemoglobin, including the MRC Molecular Haematology Unit within the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (WIMM).

The service also works closely with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and the Therapeutic Apheresis Service (TAS) who provide a planned and acute (24/7) automated red cell exchange programme.

Patient information leaflets - NHSBT

We work closely with Oxford Genetics Laboratories, which provide NHSE-commissioned genetic diagnostics for inherited anaemias.

We carry out molecular and clinical multidisciplinary team meetings regularly, and invite referring clinicians.

Haemoglobinopathy Coordinating Centre

Oxford is the lead centre for Wessex and Thames Valley Haemoglobinopathy Coordinating Centre (HCC), coordinating care for both the Oxford and the Southampton Specialist Haemoglobinopathy teams.

Wessex and Thames Valley Haemoglobinopathy Coordinating Centre


Red Cell Clinic

The Red Cell Clinic accepts referrals from across the UK for diagnosis and management of rare or unexplained anaemia.

  • First and third Fridays of the month 9.00am - 12.20pm
  • Level 0, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill Hospital

We offer face to face, video and telephone appointments.

We may ask you to have a blood test before your appointment. Please book an appointment with your GP, or attend the Churchill or Horton Phlebotomy (blood tests).

If your appointment date is approaching and you still have not received the blood labels, or you need to re-schedule your appointment please contact us.

Tel: 01865 235185


Planned Care and Exchange Blood Transfusions

Planned care such as venesections, planned blood transfusions and exchange blood transfusions where line insertion is required, are managed on the Haematology Day Treatment Unit.

Exchange blood transfusions for people with sickle cell disease are carried out by the Therapeutic Apheresis Services (TAS) at the NHS Blood and Transplant Centre on the John Radcliffe Hospital site.

TAS also provides an inpatient service for urgent exchange blood transfusions.

Tel: 01865 387938

Urgent problems

If you are worried that you need urgent attention for your blood disorder, or have a medical concern (e.g. if you have a sickle cell disease and think you might be developing a crisis), we have a dedicated triage assessment team.

Oxford Triage Assessment Team

Level 1, Cancer and Haematology Centre, Churchill Hospital
Tel: 01865 572192
Seven days a week 8.00am - 8.00pm

Outside of these hours please call the Clinical Haematology Ward.

Inpatient care

If you need to be admitted to hospital for treatment, we will always try to accommodate you on the Clinical Haematology Ward. However, you may be on another ward at the Churchill Hospital until we have a bed for you.

Even if you are on another ward, your medical care will still be delivered by the same Haematology team.

The Red Cell clinical team may also visit - if possible please let the Specialist Nurse know that you have been admitted (see Contacts).

Our team

Consultant Haematologists

Consultant Haematologists

Inpatients are looked after by the Lymphoma Team.

Adult Senior Specialist Nurse

Faith Ehigie

Patient information

Psychological support

We have a Clinical Psychologist who works two days a week with adults and children. If you would like a referral, please contact your Specialist Nurse or ask at your next clinic appointment.



We welcome your feedback, so if you have comments or concerns, please speak to a member of the team.

If they are unable to resolve your concerns, please contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Patient feedback

Service improvement

To get involved in improving the local service, please contact your Specialist Nurse.


Haematology Secretariat

Tel: 01865 235185

Adult Senior Specialist Nurse

Faith Ehigie: 01865 227907

Red Cell Service and Quality Manager

Marta Maia

Last reviewed:28 July 2023