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For professionals: education and training

The Radiotherapy Department recognises the importance of continued individual learning, and aims to deliver top quality education and training for all members of staff.


All new members of staff receive an induction period when they rotate around the department, allowing them to orientate themselves and meet new colleagues. During this time they will be provided with support and information to allow them to fully undertake their role. An induction booklet is provided offering further information on the department and its policies.

For new graduates, the department offers support and guidance in the form of a structured 12-month preceptorship programme. During this time a range of methods will be used, including reflection, tutorials and action set learning, to help consolidate knowledge and assist the transition from student to qualified radiographer. Following preceptorship, Band 5 radiographers can begin a link grade programme to become a Band 6 radiographer.

All other members of staff are offered both time and financial support to undertake academic courses from a range of providers. Application for funding is on an annual basis, and staff members are encouraged to indicate their particular areas of interest.

Exciting opportunities to attend both national and international conferences are also available.

All of the above study is in addition to in-house CPD sessions.

Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision is "a formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex clinical situations". (DH, 1993)

The Department values reflective practice as a part of continuing professional development and underpinning the commitment to clinical governance. Staff can enrol on the Trust's Clinical Supervision Programme.

This has enhanced the development and promotion of radiographers, and supported the integration of overseas radiographers in a new healthcare system.