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Cancer Services

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Liver Cancer MDT staff

Liver surgery

Mr Zahir Soonawalla

Zahir Soonawalla - HPB MDT staff

Mr Michael A Silva

Michael A Silva - HPB MDT staff

Mr Srikanth Reddy

Srikanth Reddy - HPB MDT staff

Mr Venkatesha Udupa

Venkatesha Udupa - HPB MDT staff

Mr Alex Gordon-Weeks

Alex Gordon-Weeks - HPB MDT staff

Medical Oncology

Professor David Kerr CBE

MA MSc MD PhD DSc FRCP (Glasgow) FRCP (Edinburgh) FRCP (London) FRCGP (Hon) FACP FECanSci FMedSci

David Kerr

David contributes to Oxford as Professor of Cancer Medicine, where he has worked with colleagues to build a new Institute for Cancer Medicine and Cancer Hospital. He is an Honorary Professor of Oncology in Sichuan, Suchow, Xiamen, Shanghai and Seoul National Universities.

David has an international reputation for the treatment of and research into cancer and the quality of his work has been recognised by the award of several national and international prizes, including the Harvard Global Health Catalyst: Distinguished Leader Award, in recognition of his many years of leadership in global health work.

David was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (2000), the European Academy of Cancer Sciences (2004), Honorary Fellow of Royal College of General Practitioners (2007), Honorary Fellow of Association of Cancer Physicians (2018), appointed Commander of the British Empire (2002) and was elected President of the European Society of Medical Oncology in 2010.

He has served as health adviser to two British Prime Ministers and has supported National Cancer planning in the UK, Sub Saharan Africa (Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya), India, is a Trustee of the AMAR Foundation (an award winning charity which supports and rebuilds the lives of some of the poorest communities in the world, with a current focus on the Yazidi people) and works in partnership with Chinese colleagues to improve the delivery of cancer care in China.

He is Editor in Chief of The Oxford Textbooks of Oncology and Cancer Biology, was Editor in Chief of Annals of Oncology, established the Journal of Global Oncology and has initiated a course in Oxford on Global Health Diplomacy.

David has established a number of University biotech spin-outs, most recently Celleron Therapeutics, Oxford Cancer Biomarkers and SynOx.

Professor Rachel Kerr


[Photo pending]

Rachel studied Medicine at the University of Birmingham (1988-1994) and also gained a first class Honours in an intercalated BSc in Physiology during this period. After completing general medical training as an SHO in Birmingham and completing the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians, she was awarded a competitive MRC Personal Fellowship to carry out research towards her PhD in Cancer Studies, while commencing oncology training.

Subsequent to this she has been awarded two further personal fellowships, one from the DH as a Clinician Scientist (2002-2007) and one from the DH and HEFCE as a Clinical Senior Lecturer (2007-2012).

She presently works as a Consultant in Medical Oncology and Senior Lecturer in Cancer Studies at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford and the University of Oxford. She is Director of the Oncology Clinical Trials Office at the University and oversees all the Cancer Trials activity. She has assisted in attracting grants totalling more than £7m and authored over 50 publications in cancer research.

Clinical Oncology

Dr Rebecca Muirhead


Rebecca Muirhead

Rebecca is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist and provides the radiation expertise for the liver MDT, including SABR, SIRT and palliative radiotherapy. She has led the national implementation of novel radiotherapy techniques such as Anal and Rectal IMRT which are now routinely delivered across the UK and the gold standard within prospective trials. As a member of the UK SABR Consortium she has recently published national guidelines on pelvic SABR reirradiation. Her research interests are personalised radiotherapy and reirradiation.

Fellow of the Royal College Radiologists, UK SABR Consortium Steering Committee Member, NCRI CTRad Committee Member, Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Audit Programme Board Member, NCRI Anorectal Clinical Studies Group Member.

Rebecca is a chief investigator, co-chief investigator, trial management group member, radiotherapy quality assurance reviewer or safety committee member for a number of Lower Gastrointestinal UK trials such as ART, PLATO, CEDAR, PRIME, HALT. She has over 50 peer reviewed articles published in international journals which can be reviewed at:

Dr Rebecca Muirhead - Google Scholar


Dr Emma Culver

Emma Culver - HPB MDT staff

Interventional Radiology

Dr Mark Anderson BM BCh, BA, FRCS, FRCR

Mark Anderson - HPB MDT staff

Dr Phil Boardman MBChB, MRCP, FRCR

Phil Boardman - HPB MDT staff

Dr Andrew Macdonald

Andrew Macdonald - HPB MDT staff

Cross-sectional Radiology

Dr Rachel R Phillips FRCR DCH FRCP

Rachel Phillips

Rachel has been Consultant Radiologist at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Oxford since 2002, following her first Consultant appointment in London in 1995. She trained in London and Vancouver and held a faculty position at New York University.

She is an examiner for the graduate entry medical students at the University of Oxford and the Royal College of Radiologists' representative for consultant appointments. Rachel is a tutor at Magdalen College Oxford and one of the College's admissions examiners.

Rachel's current interests and particular expertise are in the fields of magnetic resonance imaging, advanced imaging techniques and clinical trials in the assessment of treatment response to novel therapies for oncology patients.

Rachel's research has been highlighted in Nature-Clinical Practice and has received awards at the meetings of the prestigious Radiological Society of North America. She has contributed to more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and six book chapters.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Sue Wilner

Sue Wilner - HPB MDT staff

Natasha Young

Natasha Young - HPB MDT staff

Natasha Guildford

Natasha Guildford - HPB MDT staff

Non-clinical staff

Phoebe Martin

Phoebe Martin - HPB MDT staff

Lauren Stubbs

Lauren Stubbs - HPB MDT staff

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