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Future Fertility Programme Oxford

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Cryopreservation process

If you choose to have your / your child's tissue frozen and stored, your doctor will first check that the eligibility criteria are met, and then complete a referral form and send it to the Oxford Cell and Tissue Biobank (OCTB) Coordinator.

If we accept the referral, your doctor will arrange for your / your child's tissue to be collected at a centre local to you.

If possible, this will be done at the same time as other surgical procedures that might be necessary for you or your child, such as inserting a central venous line or PEG.

We will contact you in advance by telephone to discuss the process in more detail and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

We provide patient information leaflets and links to videos for detailed information.

We will need you to complete a tissue cryopreservation consent form before the surgery. For children, a parent or person with parental responsibility will need to complete the consent form.

On the day of the surgery, we will need you to complete a surgical consent form.

After we have safely removed and stored your / your child's tissue at OCTB, we will send you a summary letter and a copy of your completed consent form.

There is no charge to patients for tissue cryopreservation and ongoing storage.