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Future Fertility Programme Oxford

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We participate in ethically-approved national and international research programmes.

Fertility preservation treatments for children and young adults have been developed as a result of research work carried out around the world over the last 25 to 30 years.

This has led to a good understanding of how to safely store ovarian and testicular tissue. However, there are still unanswered questions that need further research.

Our research is focused on the development of the clinical service and improving techniques for fertility preservation in children and young adults.

Why tissue is needed

Human reproductive tissue is unique.

Whilst a great deal of information can be gained from studying animals, some research studies require use of human tissue or cells to find ways of improving current fertility preservation treatments to achieve successful pregnancy outcomes.

Who can donate

Our primary focus is a clinical service to help children and young adults who are at high risk of infertility store tissue for their own use in the future.

However, there are opportunities to donate tissue for use in research.

We will explain this fully during your consent discussion with your consultant. Tissue and cells can only ever be used in research if explicit consent is given.

Changing your mind

You can alter your consent for research at any time - however, you will need to sign a new consent form to reflect the change in your wishes.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.