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Future Fertility Programme Oxford

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Patients with stored tissue

If you have had ovarian or testicular tissue cryopreserved and stored in Oxford Cell and Tissue Biobank (OCTB), you should have received:

  • a summary letter from OCTB with your unique tissue ID number
  • a copy of your signed tissue cryopreservation consent form completed before the tissue collection.
  • contact details for OCTB

Please keep your summary letter, tissue ID number and details on how to contact OCTB somewhere safe, as you will need these in the future.

Updating your details

It is your responsibility to ensure OCTB has your up-to-date information. Please contact them if your name, address or contact details change.

Your information is held on a secure database at the OCTB in accordance with data protection legislation.


If a parent, or a person who otherwise has parental responsibility, consented on your behalf for tissue collection, OCTB will contact your after you reach 18 years of age to discuss your consent for the continued storage of your tissue.

Changing consent

If you want to change the details of your consent for tissue storage, please contact OCTB with your unique ID tissue number to arrange a discussion with a consultant.

Using your tissue

When you are ready to use your tissue, please contact OCTB to arrange to attend the Teenage and Young Adults Fertility Preservation (TYAFP) Clinic in Oxford.

At this clinic you can discuss your options, based on your individual circumstances.

Unwanted tissue

When consent is given for tissue storage, a decision is also made about what happens to tissue when it is no longer required for your own use.

Tissue is either discarded (according to hospital policy) or used for research. To change the decision taken about your tissue, please contact OCTB.

If relevant, OCTB can arrange for you to speak to a consultant about this.

Stored ovarian or testicular tissue cannot be used for the treatment of another patient.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.