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Cardiothoracic Services

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Chest Pain Nurse Specialist

The Chest Pain Nurse Specialist undertakes a number of different roles.


Liaison with medical and cardiology teams

The Chest Pain Nurse Specialist helps these teams identify people with pain that may be related to their heart. These people can then quickly be brought to the attention of the cardiologists (heart specialists) and start their treatment. This includes people who are having, or have had, a heart attack, or those who may be at risk of a heart attack.

The Chest Pain Nurse Specialist works with cardiologists and the Consultant Nurse, arranging further tests, such as exercise tests or perfusion imaging, to help where diagnosis is uncertain. This involves close liaison with our Cardiac Physiology team.


The Chest Pain Nurse Specialist works with our medical and nursing teams, as well as our ambulance colleagues, to ensure that they can get the necessary information for early diagnosis and referrals for further tests.

The current post holder also acts as our liaison with the ambulance training service, whereby student paramedics come to the hospital to learn more about the investigation and management of patients with heart disease.

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

The Chest Pain Nurse Specialist is a member of the clinical team at the John Radcliffe Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic, a 'one stop shop' assessment and diagnostic service for people with suspected coronary heart disease.

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