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Cardiothoracic Services

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For prospective study sponsors

Getting our support in running a cardiovascular clinical study at Oxford University Hospitals.

All studies eligible for the support of NIHR LCRN will be considered by our team. Once approved and listed on the NIHR portfolio, written requests can be made to our team about setting up the study.

The majority of the sponsors contact our team at stages when a project is about to receive REC and HRA approvals. We liaise directly with local departments - Oxford University Hospitals Research and Development (R&D), Contracts, Finance, Clinical Engineering and other service providers from the University of Oxford.

We also offer support for new investigators in applying for necessary approvals.

Setting up a study

After IRAS submission, study sponsors can contact our team to investigate about the next stages of study set up at OUH.

The project will go through the following stages of setting up to ensure all local approvals are in place. The REC and HRA approvals are provided by the sponsor to us at the earliest possible instance. As a research delivery team, we ensure all the following governance steps are carried out efficiently and accurately.

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Project Steering Committee meeting
  • Perform study costings
  • Contract review
  • Pharmacy set up (cTIMP)
  • IRMER/MPE approval
  • Clinical Engineering approval (device studies)
  • Trust Management approval
  • Site Initiation Visit