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Women's Services

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John Radcliffe Women's Centre Delivery Suite

The Delivery Room

We have 13 rooms at the Women's Centre, but there is no actual Room 13! Two rooms have windows, one is en-suite and one has a birthing pool. All rooms have a birthing ball, rocking chair, easy chair, birth mat, bean bag, radio, CD player and bed. Most women find it is more comfortable to move around during labour rather than lie down. Posters on the door suggest positions you may like to try.

While you are in the Delivery Room it is your space: you can rearrange the furniture, adjust the height of the bed, bring extra pillows and have your chosen birth companion with you. It is best not to bring more than two birth companions with you, except in exceptional circumstances - please speak to the midwife in charge.

Keeping the lights dim and choosing their own music helps many women to stay calm. If your companions need a break or you would prefer them to leave for a while, there is a waiting room with tea and coffee making facilities.

When your baby is about to be born there is usually a second midwife in the room to help.

After the birth of your baby

A mother and new babyWe aim for mothers and babies to have 'skin-to-skin' contact as soon as possible after birth, which helps the baby to calm down and get used to their new surroundings in a safe, cosy environment. A baby left undisturbed against their mother for long enough will find their own way to the breast to feed.

A midwife will stay with you and the baby after the birth and perform a few initial checks. We can also help you feed your baby and have a wash or shower, and you may like to have some tea and toast.

If your baby has fed well and you have passed urine since the birth, you may wish to go straight home from Delivery Suite: a community midwife will visit you the next day.

Please remember to bring a car seat to take your baby home in.

At home you will have 24 hour support by telephone, in addition to visits from midwives and care assistants. There are drop-in clinics and breastfeeding support is available.

Please see the section at the link below for comprehensive information about breastfeeding support.

Find us and contact us

Parking is limited and you will have to pay, so please be prepared for this.

Car travel and parking

On arrival please go to the Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU):

Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU)

There are toilets and vending machines in the main corridor. We encourage you to bring some light snacks and isotonic drinks.

If you are sent to Delivery Suite from MAU, we will show you into a Delivery Room.