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Postnatal services

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

If you gave birth at home, the midwife caring for you will stay a couple of hours after the birth to ensure you and your baby are both well. Then they will leave you to bond as a family, having arranged a time to come and see you again.

If you gave birth at one of our midwifery-led units, you and your baby are both well and there are no issues, you can expect to go home a few hours.

Care at the JR

If you gave birth on Delivery Suite at the John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre, you and your baby are both well and there are no issues, you may be able to go home shortly after giving birth.

If your baby's birth is straightforward, we encourage you to go home between two and 24 hours after the birth.

Sometimes you or your baby may need may need some further monitoring, or you may choose to stay longer for support.

If you stay in hospital after giving birth at the Women's Centre, we will transfer you to Level 5 or Level 7.

Level 5: 01865 221880 / 1

Level 7: 01865 221663

You may spend some time on Observation Area, a ward to the side of Delivery Suite, before transfer.

Most of our wards comprise bays each with four beds: we will do our best to maintain your privacy and dignity at all times.

Visiting hours

May 2021

Please see 'Visitors'


Midwives, maternity and breastfeeding support workers provide breastfeeding support while you are in hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After you go home, we visit and offer feeding support when necessary.

Staff in our midwifery-led units are happy to help with feeding problems during the night that cannot wait until the morning.

For more information please visit: 'Infant feeding'

Birth Afterthoughts

Birth Afterthoughts offers families a chance to reflect on their birth experience with an experienced midwife. It is available to anyone who has given birth in the care of our Trust within the last 12 months, or who is currently pregnant.

Appointments can be made at the Women's Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, the Horton Midwifery-led Unit or the Cotswold Birth Centre.

For more information or to book an appointment please call.

Tel: 01865 220605

Registering the birth

For information about who can register a birth please visit:

Care in Banbury

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn Hearing Screening is provided at the Horton by one of our Hearing Screeners. We try to schedule this to tie in with other postnatal appointments, for your convenience.

Paediatric Clinic

Monday to Friday

Neonatal doctors review babies who require initial checks (NIPE), those with acute jaundice or requiring prolonged jaundice screen, those with feeding issues who have already had input from the infant feeding team, or any other babies about whom there are concerns, but who are not acutely unwell.

Care at home

If you are going home by car, you must have an approved baby's car seat with you: a car seat for a baby is a legal requirement and necessary for their safety.

After you go home (or if you gave birth at home) midwives from your community midwifery team will visit you.

These visits are according to need, however, the 'Newborn Blood Spot' screening is usually completed on day five. We may offer to see you in your local maternity unit or community setting.

If you need advice outside office hours and cannot speak to your community midwife please contact our Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU):

Tel: 01865 220221

We will usually transfer your care to the Health Visitors on, or around, day 10.

Do make an appointment with your GP for both yourself and your baby to have a check-up at around six to eight weeks after the birth.

Oxford Newborn Care Unit

Oxford Newborn Care Unit provides specialist medical, surgical and cardiology care to newborn babies.

They examine babies born in the John Radcliffe Hospital along with specially trained midwives, and follow up babies after they go home.

Oxford Newborn Care Unit