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Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Women's Services

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Infant feeding

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to achieving full UNICEF Baby Friendly Accreditation, recognised internationally as the gold standard for infant feeding care.

We all need to support breastfeeding mothers - find out why

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Baby Friendly Initiative | Call to Action

Breastfeeding Clinics

John Radcliffe Hospital

Horton General Hospital

  • Horton Midwifery-led Unit, Horton General Hospital
  • Tuesday 9.30am - 2.00pm
  • Please call to book an appointment: 01295 229459

Cotswold Birth Centre, Chipping Norton

Inpatient breastfeeding drop-in services at the John Radcliffe Hospital

  • Monday mornings
  • Wednesday mornings
  • Friday mornings

Obtaining a breast pump

Children's Centres, Community Midwifery Teams, breastfeeding support services and charities often have breast pumps for loan, and will give you further details on hire and purchasing.

Where to get help

If you need help learning to breastfeed your baby, please first ask your midwife, health visitor or GP.

You may also wish to call the following helpline numbers.

Find us and contact us

  • Hannah Torrance (currently on maternity leave)
    Infant Feeding Specialist
  • Alex Mulford (interim lead)
    Infant Feeding Team Midwife
  • Sarah Marklew-Brown
    Infant Feeding Team Midwife
  • Naomi Morton
    Infant Feeding Team Midwife
  • Rosie Freshwater
    Infant Feeding Team Maternity Support Worker
  • Infant Feeding Team: 01865 572950
  • Bleep 1151
  • JR Breastfeeding Clinic: 01865 221695
  • John Radcliffe Breastfeeding Clinic
    Parent Education Room
    Level 1, Women's Centre
    John Radcliffe Hospital
    Oxford OX3 9DU

From the outpatient entrance to the Women's Centre, enter through two sets of glass sliding doors then turn immediately right. Ahead of you will be a set of locked double doors with an entry phone on the left.

Press the buzzer for the Parent Education Room, and you will either be invited in or asked to take a seat for a moment. The Breastfeeding Clinic is on the left a short distance down the corridor. There are signs on the wall above the double doors and suspended from the ceiling in the corridor.

There is also a baby changing / feeding room on Level 1: go in through the outpatient entrance, walk ahead until you reach the League of Friends tea bar and the entrance is ahead of you in the back wall.