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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Radioisotope Physics

We are an enthusiastic team of Clinical Scientists and Technologists, based at the Churchill Hospital, who support users of radioactivity across the Trust sites.

We undertake a broad range of scientific and technical activities and provide radiation protection training, advice and support to clinical and research services including:

  • Nuclear medicine and PET/CT
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • laboratories
  • theatres.

In addition, we support many clinical trials, including novel PET and SPECT tracers and new radiotherapeutic techniques.

We directly support patients undergoing scans and treatments with radioactivity by ensuring that all radiation protection information provided to them is accurate, complete, and tailored to their personal situation. This information helps patients to understand any potential risks associated with their scan or treatment, and how they can minimise the radiation exposure to their family and friends.

As part of a multidisciplinary team, we actively participate in the treatment process of our radioisotope therapy patients, carrying out:

  • suitability assessments
  • calculations of treatment radioactivity and measurements of radioactivity levels during a patient's time in hospital
  • the provision of protective restrictions for patients when they leave the hospital.

We provide support for all radioisotope equipment across their entire lifecycle in our hospitals including a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment:

  • two PET/CT systems
  • two diagnostic SPECT/CT systems
  • three further SPECT Gamma cameras including a dedicated digital cardiac camera
  • a full range of radioisotope equipment and software supporting these services.

We work closely with the local clinical departments, finance and procurement teams and suppliers to identify the best equipment and software to meet current and future service needs.

We test all new equipment and software before their first use and optimise protocols to ensure best performance.

We maintain a QA programme that tests and monitors this performance over time, allowing us to identify issues early and provide preventative maintenance.

We work in partnership with Business and Informatics to develop software solutions that enable our staff to obtain accurate and timely information that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

We provide radiation protection support to all Trust departments using radioisotopes to ensure compliance with all relevant radiation regulations and guidance. We do this using a multi-faceted approach, which includes:

  • the formation of documents and procedures
  • the production of in-house bespoke software tools
  • the performance of audits
  • the provision of specialist advice.

We carry out management of radioactive waste in the Trust and monitor the pathway of radioactive materials from ordering to disposal.

To support all staff using radioactivity we develop and deliver tailored training through in-person sessions and online learning, promoting an awareness of relevant regulation and professional responsibilities across the Trust.


Training our group provides:

  • IRR17 and IRMER17 as applied to Radioisotopes
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Transport Regulations
  • Emergency procedures for radioactive substances
  • FRCR lecturing for radiology registrars
  • Postgraduate and undergraduate lecturing for the University of Oxford
  • PTP/STP/HSST training (accredited training department)
  • Clinical Technologist Training (accredited training department)

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Radiation Physics and Protection
Level 2, Cancer and Haematology Centre
Churchill Hospital

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