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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Clinical Measurement

Our small team of Healthcare Scientists provides a wide range of services throughout Oxford University Hospitals.



A vial being held up by a gloved hand in front of a woman's eyesMaintaining the Blood Gas Analysers Trust-wide

  • Routine daily maintenance as well as first-line troubleshooting
  • Teaching and training all users on sample preparation and correct use of the analysers
  • Out-of-hours on-call service
  • Participation in national quality assurance programmes

Providing Intraoperative Neuro Monitoring (Spinal Cord Monitoring)

  • Multimodal IONM for Orthopaedic Surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
  • Multimodal IONM for Neurosciences Surgery at the West Wing, John Radcliffe Hospital

Supporting the Lung Function Department

  • Providing a full range of measurements at the Churchill Hospital
  • Bedside Spirometry tests at the John Radcliffe Hospital

Supporting Infusion Device Training

  • Teaching and presenting practical and theoretical sessions
  • Accreditation of staff through competency assessments

Supporting the Cystic Fibrosis and Bronchiectasis Teams

Performing diagnostic sweat tests on adults and children

Find us and contact us

Louise Way
Principal Clinical Scientists and Clinical Measurement Manager
Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering
John Radcliffe Hospital

  • General enquiries: 01865 221596 (answer machine available)
  • Infusion Device Training Team: 01865 851147 (answer machine available)
  • IONM contact: 01865 227932 (answer machine available)
  • Email: