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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Imaging Physics

We provide a wide range of scientific and technical support to OUH, other local NHS trusts and private healthcare providers.

We support an extensive range of modern, complex imaging equipment in the following departments:

  • Radiology (X-ray)
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cardiology
  • Oral Surgery

We also provide support to a large number of clinical trials.

We lead a Trust-wide Diagnostic Imaging Quality Assurance Programme as part of the IRR and IRMER legislative requirements, working closely with Radiology to ensure all equipment is maintained, monitored, effective and safe for patients and staff.

Together with the Business and Informatics team we manage the Trust-wide personal dosimetry service, providing a monitoring service for staff and areas where occupational radiation exposures are encountered.

The group leads the provision of radiation protection support to all Trust departments using ionising and non-ionising radiation, and oversees the Trust's use of radiation to ensure compliance with the various relevant regulations, including:

In addition, we are heavily involved in collaborative research.


We provide the following training.

  • IRR17 and IRMER17 (either general or applied to Imaging Physics)
  • A wide range of Radiation Protection Training (classroom and e-Learning)
  • Non-Ionising Radiation and MR Safety
  • FRCR lecturing
  • STP/HSST (accredited training department)
  • Clinical Technologist Training (accredited training department)
  • MSc lecturing for the University of Oxford

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Radiation Physics and Protection
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