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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Business and Informatics

We provide a range of business support services, overseeing the many operational aspects of the department.

These include:

  • finance
  • contracts
  • procurement
  • information technology
  • project management
  • quality management
  • clinical governance
  • information governance.

We are the driving force behind the department's quality improvement and service development, and is actively facilitating ISO9001:2015 Certification.

We support the department with its project management and software development efforts, in line with national guidance, standards and regulations.

We have implemented a number of software systems, developed in-house or with external providers, that enhance our work and the work of others, enabling the Trust to deliver high quality healthcare services to its patients.

The group is responsible for the operational management of the Trust's Radiation Assurance programme, which includes the Trust-wide radiation compliance audit programme, radiation assurance pertaining to research and the management of radiation related incidents.

We also provide some software and computer support, training and advice to the rest of the department, in addition to that provided by OUH IM&T Services.

Together with Imaging Physics we administer the personal dosimetry service for staff working with medical radiation.

Our group also participates in various radiation-related activities, including:

  • leading and supporting the Trust's radon monitoring programme
  • leading on and advising on research radiation assurance
  • leading on optical radiation protection (Lasers and UV)
  • advising on the use and quality of medical display systems.

We are actively involved in collaborative work with academic institutions, both nationally and internationally.


We provide the following training:

  • Laser Safety Awareness
  • Laser Core of Knowledge
  • Research Radiation Assurance
  • STP Bioinformatics (Physical Sciences) (accredited training department)
  • Support for STP trainees in Imaging with Ionising, Radiation Safety Physics and Bioinformatics (Health Informatics and Genomics)

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Radiation Physics and Protection
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