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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

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Our team

James Harries

Director of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

James leads the Business and Informatics group which is responsible for providing the department with scientific computing services, quality management, business development and administration services.

As a Clinical Scientist, a Medical Physics Expert and the Trust's Laser Protection Adviser, he leads on a number of radiation-related activities including optical radiation (Lasers and UV) protection, the radon monitoring programme, research radiation assurance and advises on the use and quality of medical display systems.

He has written various software systems which are in use within the Trust. These systems focus on improving and visualising workflows, improving data quality and providing evidence of legislative compliance.

James Harries

James Nasrat

Head of Clinical Engineering and Clinical Measurement

Helen Amatiello

Head of Imaging Physics

Helen began her career in Newcastle and moved between Scotland and England before settling in Oxford in 2014 to lead the Imaging Physics and Non-ionising Radiation team.

As a certificated Radiation Protection Adviser since 2009 and a Medical Physics Expert, she advises the Trust on IRR 2017 and IR(ME)R 2017 regulatory compliance.

is responsible for ensuring the Imaging Physics team supports the Trust to provide radiation safe working environments for our staff and optimising patient radiation safety.

Helen provides safety advice on the use of optical radiations including lasers and ultraviolet, and dosimetry support to photo-dermatology departments. She has worked closely with national colleagues to establish national guidance for ultraviolet measurements and safety governance.

Helen Amatiello

Dr Aida Hallam

Head of Radioisotope Physics

Aida leads the Radioisotope Physics group. She started her career in Medical Physics while completing her PhD into the 'Screening and detection of malignant melanoma by image analysis', after graduating with a degree in Applied Physics.

She completed the Radiation Physics MSc at University College London and undertook IPEM training Scheme for Medical Physics at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals specialising in Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Protection.

She loved Oxford and has been with the department for more than 20 years working her way up and becoming Head of Radioisotope Physics in 2007.

As an accredited Medical Physics Expert, Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Adviser for the Trust she is responsible for the provision, management and strategic development of Radioisotope Physics Services that provide radiation protection training, advice and support to all radioisotope users.

Aida Hallam

Dr Daniel McGowan

Head of Education and Research

Daniel leads the Education and Research Group which is responsible for supporting education and research across Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering.

He is a Medical Physics Expert and Radioactive Waste Adviser for the Trust. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Healthcare Science and British Institute of Radiology. He is the Course Director of the University MSc in Medical Physics with Radiobiology within the Department of Oncology where he is an Honorary Senior Clinical Research Fellow.

Dr Daniel McGowan

Sangeetha Sundareshwar

Head of Business and Informatics
Last reviewed:27 January 2023