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Children's Haematology and Oncology

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Paediatric Haemostasis Unit patient information

Community services

Shared care hospital

We work closely with our shared care hospitals and their community teams. They may be able to support you with routine treatment and we will liaise with them where this is needed.

You may also need to attend them for urgent care and the link consultant will be aware of your child and you should have an open access arrangement in place. Contact details can be found below. However should you attend these hospitals please also contact us to let us know so we can liaise with them regarding your care.

Shared care centres

Home therapy

Detailed information on home therapy can be found here:

Home therapy / Haemtrack / home delivery | OHTC - Clinical Haematology


Most of our patients who have home therapy use Sciensus:

Our Services | Expert Healthcare Solutions | Sciensus


Haemtrack is a secure therapy recording system, connecting patients and clinicians through the Haemtrack phone apps and website.

Haemtrack enables patients to record all therapies as they occur, and allows clinicians to see up-to-date therapy information to help monitor, optimise and improve patient care.

Medicines to take home (TTOs)

The PHU email address can be used to order repeat prescriptions for your child, before an arranged appointment, or to ask non-urgent questions.

Please allow three working days for repeat prescription requests.


Dental care

If you have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder we generally advise to see a dentist locally every six months as a preventative measure rather than an emergency. It is very important that you receive regular dental care.

Dental treatment

The majority of your treatment will not cause significant bleeding and may be carried out by a general dental practitioner (dentist) or within the public dental service. However, if extractions are needed you should contact us for advice, and you may require a referral to the East Oxford Dental Service.

If you have any questions about your dental treatment contact the Paediatric Haemostasis Nurses.


If you have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, all vaccinations should be administered subcutaneously - that is just under the skin rather than deep in the muscle. You can obtain all your vaccinations via your GP practice nurse.

Advice regarding administration of subcutaneous injections is given to all GP practice nurses in Chapter 4 of the green book.

If you have any questions regarding vaccinations, contact the Paediatric Haemostasis Nurses.


If you have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, you may be entitled to financial help. If you need support with this please contact us and we can try to signpost you to the right places.


Clinical Psychologists are interested in reducing the psychological impact of medical conditions or injuries on patients and their families. They are available to discuss the emotional impact of living with a bleeding disorder. They do this through assessment, talking therapies and one-off consultations.

You may discuss the option for this support in clinic, and if you would like a referral, please contact us so we can discuss your needs and, if appropriate, refer you to our Children's Psychologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Patient guide

Practical information about attending hospital.

Patient involvement / feedback

We have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) that meets regularly to focus on particular services delivered by theTrust.

Patients, carers and interested members of the public work with Trust staff to improve patients' experience of those services.

For more information please see:

Get involved | OHTC - Clinical Haematology

We always welcome feedback, and you can contact us at any time.

We also conduct an annual survey alongside additional surveys regarding specific care needs, such as emergency care or vaccinations. If these are relevant to your child's care we will email you an invitation to participate.

Please ensure we have your email address if you would like to receive these.

Last reviewed:07 May 2024