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Children's Haematology and Oncology

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Patient information

Children's Haematology and Oncology Services

Contact us

Contact the hospital if your child:

  • has a temperature of 38°C or higher, or below 35.5°C
  • is lethargic (floppy) or seems 'unwell'
  • is breathing differently (faster/slower/wheezing)
  • is in pain
  • is vomiting or has diarrhoea
  • has any bruising, a bleeding nose or gums
  • has a new rash
  • has a persistent cough
  • has not opened their bowels for two or more days
  • is not eating or drinking
  • has a red or sore Hickman line / Portacath site.

Please also call if you are unsure about their medicines.

Seek medical help immediately if you are concerned about your child's condition.

Kamran's Ward (24 hour emergency): 01865 234069

Patient leaflets

Please look under 'K' for 'Kamran's Ward' in the A-Z below.

Medicines to take home (TTOs)

The Kamran's Day Care address can be used to order repeat prescriptions for your child, before an arranged appointment, or to ask non-urgent questions.

Please allow two to three working days for repeat prescription requests.

If you have more urgent questions, please telephone the number below.

Children's Haemophilia Service

Please see 'Children's Haemophilia Service: Contact us if...'

Last reviewed:25 July 2022