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The following publications are recommended reading for health professionals caring for patients with chronic pain.

  • A Functional Restoration Programme for chronic low back pain: A Prospective Outcome Study.
    Physiotherapy 86 285-293, Frost H et al (2000)
  • Randomised controlled trial to compare surgical stabilisation of the lumbar spine with an intensive rehabilitation programme for patients with chronic low back pain: the MRC spine stabilisation trial.
    BMJ 330 1233-1239, Fairbank J et al (2005)
  • Surgical stabilisation of the spine compared with a programme of intensive rehabilitation for the management of patients with chronic low back pain: cost utility analysis based on a randomised controlled trial.
    BMJ: British Medical Journal (International Edition), 28 May 2005, vol./is. 330/7502(1239-1243), 09598146, Rivero-Arias O, Campbell H, Gray A, Fairbank J, Frost H, Wilson-MacDonald J
  • Introducing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to a physiotherapy-led pain rehabilitation programme: AnAction Research Study
    British Journal of Pain, May 2015 Barker K, Heelas L, Toye F
    DOI: 10.1177/2049463715587117
  • Does the bio-psychosocial model help to legitimise unexplained back pain?
    European Journal of Pain, September 2009, vol./is. 13/(S267-S268), 1090-3801 (September 2009), Toye F, Barker K
  • 'Could I be imagining this?' - the dialectic struggles of people with persistent unexplained back pain.
    Disability and Rehabilitation, 2010, vol./is. 32/21(1722-32), 0963-8288;1464-5165 (2010), Toye F, Barker K
  • 'I can't see any reason for stopping doing anything, but I might have to do it differently'- restoring hope to patients with persistent non-specific low back pain - a qualitative study.
    Disability and Rehabilitation, 2012, vol./is. 34/11(894-903), 0963-8288;1464-5165 (2012), Toye F, Barker K
  • Which Pain Rehabilitation Programmes Should Patients With Chronic Back Pain Attend? - A Practical Example of a Service Evaluation Based Upon Implementing Research Findings into Clinical Practice
    J Nov Physiother Phys Rehabil 1(2): 107 Barker KL, Heelas L, Buchanan E, Toye F (2014)



L. Heelas¹ ²,  Dr F. Toye ¹, Dr K. Barker ¹, Sue Jenkins ² Dr S Enright ²

1. Physiotherapy Research Unit, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Windmill Road, OXFORD, OX3 7LD

2. Cardiff University, School of Medicine, Heath Park, WALES, CF14 4XN

British Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts (2011)

Which pain rehabilitation programme should patients with chronic back pain attend? – implementing research findings by varying duration and intensity.

Dr Karen Barker, Leila Heelas, Elaine Buchanan,  Dr Francine Toye.

Physiotherapy Research Unit, NDORMS BRU, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust (now OUH NHS Trust), Oxford

British Journal of Pain Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts (2012)

A Service Evaluation to Assess the Clinical Effectiveness of Stratifying Patients With Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in Secondary Care

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British Journal of Pain May 2016 vol. 10 no. 2 suppl 5-91 Annual Scientific Meeting Abstracts