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Exercise videos - stretches

Thanks to Kate Wallace, Oxford Brookes University Film Studies student, for donating her time to film and edit these videos.

These stretches are designed to be taught by qualified physiotherapists.

The videos are for guidance only and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust accepts no responsibility for injuries as a result of inappropriate use.

The videos are designed to be used by patients who have attended for treatment with Optimise Pain Rehabilitation Unit.

The movements should be undertaken to the feeling of stretch and should not feel forced.

Begin holding stretches for 3-5 seconds and build up to 5-10 seconds.

Specific guidance related to Orthopaedic Surgery

If you have a total hip replacement, please seek guidance from a physiotherapist before undertaking the hip rotation stretches.

If you have a total knee replacement, please do not undertake the quadriceps stretches in sitting.

If you have undergone corrective surgery for scoliosis, please seek guidance from a physiotherapist before undertaking the Spinal Extension Stretch in Lying.

Video playlists

Get Back Active

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Balanced Life Programme Stretches

Balanced Life Programme Stretches - YouTube playlist

Exercise video transcript (pdf, 109 KB)