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Cotswold Birth Centre

"I feel privileged to be the midwife I've always wanted to be. Working alongside friendly professional colleagues and giving excellent care."

About us

Managed by a team of highly-skilled and experienced community midwives and dedicated maternity support workers, the Cotswold Birth Centre is a small, local and accessible place providing a home-from-home setting which is welcoming and supportive for families.

The team offers a sensitive, individualised approach to those with low-risk pregnancies who do not need to give birth in hospital.

However, if you experience complications in your pregnancy, or choose to give birth in hospital, you can still receive antenatal and postnatal care here


  • Day room with comfortable seating, books about breastfeeding and normal birth, information leaflets and posters.
  • Kitchen with tea and coffee making facilities.
  • Two antenatal clinic rooms, each with an examination area and en-suite.
  • Two birth rooms each with a birthing pool, en-suite, CD/iPod/radio player, low-level lighting, birth ball.
  • Active birthing beds, Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) support, floor mats, bean bag or bed.
  • Two postnatal rooms each with a bed, cot, baby changing area, baby bath and en-suite.

Antenatal care

You can receive all your antenatal care at the Centre, including your initial booking appointment and subsequent routine appointments. You are welcome to book extra appointments if you have any queries or concerns about your pregnancy - we can assess you, reassure you and refer you for further care at hospital if required.

Care in labour

We are open 24 hours a day for labour care in a quiet and calm environment, but please call the number you are given in pregnancy before coming in, as staff are not here all of the time.

Our birth rooms are designed to help you relax and promote the release of natural pain-relieving hormones.

You can use the pool for labour and birth and we offer support on:

  • positions to labour in
  • aromatherapy
  • hypnobirthing
  • music
  • massage
  • TENS
  • Entonox (gas and air).

Most births are very straightforward. However, we are trained to deal with emergencies and will monitor you and your baby regularly throughout labour. If we feel you or your baby should be seen by a doctor, we will accompany you in an ambulance to the Women's Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

If you have a straightforward pregnancy with no medical or obstetric problems, and go into labour between 37 and 42 weeks, you may give birth at the Centre.

If you do not meet these conditions, and still wish to have your baby at the Centre or at home, contact your midwife, who will arrange an appointment for you to discuss this.

Postnatal care


The team provides immediate postnatal care and you can expect to go home between two and eight hours after the birth.

The midwives will continue to support you, with an initial visit at home the following day, and further appointments at the Centre for postnatal support.


Breastfeeding support is available each day. If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, please call us and we will invite you to spend time in one of our postnatal rooms, where you can rest between feeds and receive excellent support and advice from knowledgeable midwives and maternity support workers.


"Making the experience so special for us and helping me to keep calm."

"The unit is an invaluable asset... I always recommend the unit to any couples that are expecting."

"We think you do an amazing job... Your support and guidance was second to none."

"We cannot thank you enough for our incredible experience. You made us feel so special."

"...a fantastic and supportive service."

"The passion and level of care you demonstrate is second to none."

"Our baby has remained as chilled out as the day she arrived - long may it last."

"Thank you...for helping us to achieve the birth experience we wanted, and for going above and beyond with your breastfeeding support."

"Can't thank you enough for the kindness and support I have been given for all three of my babies!"

Contact us

Cotswold Birth Centre
Russell Way, Off London Road
Chipping Norton OX7 5AU


Tel: 01608 697930

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Last reviewed:23 October 2023