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Emergency information

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy (up to 16 weeks) and experience pain, bleeding or other problems relating to your pregnancy, please make an appointment at the:

Community Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) at Rose Hill.

If you are 16 weeks pregnant or over, please contact the JR Maternity Assessment Unit:

Tel: 01865 220221

When to call an ambulance in pregnancy (999)

  • Severe and constant abdominal pain (not coming in waves like contractions)
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding (blood flowing or trickling out steadily, not just spotting)
  • Abdomen sore to touch (pressing it lightly causes you pain)
  • Abnormal coloured fluid (green or brown), umbilical cord or any part of the baby coming out
  • An urge to push
Last reviewed:07 February 2022