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Epilepsy Surgery Service

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Courses and forums

Advice or techniques on how to manage epilepsy: listed in alphabetical order.


Some courses may be helpful for those experiencing memory or mood-related difficulties after surgery.

  • Breathworks
    Courses and resources about Mindfulness and living with a long-term health condition.
  • Epilepsy Action: Epilepsy and You
    Self-management course for people struggling to manage epilepsy or who would like some helpful tips.
  • Epilepsy and your wellbeing
    This course aims to teach you how to take simple steps to manage your epilepsy and improve your wellbeing. It covers the links between epilepsy and your wellbeing, seizure triggers, taking epilepsy medication, memory and stress.
  • Webease Epilepsy, Awareness, Support, and Education
    Free, web-based self-management programme for adults with epilepsy, useful if you are struggling to manage your medication, seizures or any other aspect of your care.


Speak to others living with epilepsy, or learn more about other people's experiences of epilepsy surgery.

  • Epilepsy Society Blog
    News, views and opinions from the Epilepsy Society: search for blogs on epilepsy surgery.
  • Forum4e
    Online community provided by Epilepsy Action that allows people with epilepsy and their carers to talk about their experiences.
  • Young Epilepsy Blog
    Read guest bloggers' experiences of living with epilepsy.