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Epilepsy Surgery Service

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If surgery is an option

If surgery is an option you will meet with our Consultant Neurosurgeon to discuss the surgical procedure.

We will also refer you to our Consultant Neuropsychiatrist for a neuropsychiatric assessment.

Deciding to have surgery

The decision to undergo surgery is a significant one. The implications of epilepsy surgery will be different for everyone. We will give you plenty of time to consider the information carefully.

Use your appointments with all members of the team to ask questions and discuss any concerns or worries.

You can visit our 'Patient information' page to read about others' experiences of epilepsy surgery. You can also speak to others who are considering epilepsy surgery, or have already undergone surgery, on forums such as forum4e, or visit the Epilepsy Surgery Friends website for further advice.

Please visit 'Things to consider' for a list of issues to think about before making your decision.

At Oxford we promote patient involvement at all stages of the process and you always have the final say over your care. You are always entitled to change your mind regarding surgery. We completely understand the extent of the decision and aim to support you with your decision whatever it may be.

Having surgery

If you decide you would like to go ahead with surgery, you will be asked to attend a Neurosurgery Pre-operative Assessment Clinic. The clinic aims to assess whether you are fit enough to have your planned operation and anaesthetic.

During the clinic appointment we will give you information about:

  • what to expect in hospital
  • your surgery
  • what to expect when you go home.

You may also find it useful to read our leaflet on what to expect when being admitted for neurosurgery.

If you have decided to undergo surgery it will be helpful for you to know as much as possible about what to expect.

We will talk with you about this, but please also visit 'After epilepsy surgery' and 'Prehabilitation' to help prepare yourself.

Length of surgery

The actual surgical procedure typically takes around three and a half hours, but the overall time, from anaesthetic until recovery, is approximately five hours.

You will stay in hospital for approximately five days.