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Oxford Children's Hospital

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Children's healthcare passport

Welcome to the Thames Valley Children's Healthcare Passport, a document to help children when going to hospital or using community healthcare services.

The aim of the Healthcare Passport is to provide our staff with all the necessary information about your child when you use community healthcare, ambulance or hospital services. This information will help us work in partnership with you in meeting your child's needs.

Children's healthcare passport (pdf)

The Healthcare Passport is a parent/carer led document, available as a pdf file. To fill it out online you may need a suitable app, such as PDF expert (iOS), Google drive (android) or to access it via your PC.

Each field contains a fixed number of lines of text to make sure that the document stays a useable size - the aim is to include the key points rather than to give a full history of your child.

The Healthcare Passport uses a traffic light system. This means that all essential information about your child must be written in the red section, this will alert staff to any extremely important information or specific requirements your child might have.

The amber section is for important information about your child's day-to-day activities. Preferable information about your child's like and dislikes can be documented in the green section.

Once you have saved the passport, you can email it to either the child's community paediatrician or our Learning Disability Team via the contact email addresses below for it to be uploaded to your child's Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

Email: /

Please let a member of staff know if your child has a healthcare passport. We recommend having a paper copy with you to share with staff.

You may wish to share a copy with your child's GP and school or school nurse.

Please try to make sure the information in the passport is kept up-to-date.

As a guide we recommend:

  • children under five years of age - review every six months
  • children over five years of age - annual review

If you live in Oxfordshire and have difficulty completing this form, or require a paper copy, please contact the Learning Disability Team.


You may also like to discuss the passport with any linked professionals including Community Children's Nursing and Community Paediatric Teams.