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Physiotherapy at the NOC

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Assessment and treatment

First consultation

The first consultation with your physiotherapist primarily will be an individual assessment.

There may be some element of undressing, and we encourage patients to wear sensible clothing such as a vest top and/or comfortable shorts. For more information, please see your appointment.

After the assessment, the physiotherapist can use a variety of treatment modalities/techniques to treat your condition. For example, patients may be offered:


Before treatment starts, your physiotherapist will discuss your problem with you and realistic goals will be set.

Based on the clinical findings from the assessment, treatment is tailored to your individual needs. Treatment includes education in the self-management of the problem, general/specific advice and exercises.

It may be necessary to include any one of a variety of manual therapy (hands-on treatment by the physiotherapist); inclusion in an exercise class or hydrotherapy.

Treatments may include the following.

Your physiotherapist may also feel it is appropriate to refer you to different departments/services within the NOC.

For example:

Exercising at home

Physiotherapy is not a passive treatment and it is likely that you will be asked to do exercises at home. It is most important that you do these exercises as they are part of, or even the whole of your treatment. However, please tell your physiotherapists if the exercises you have been given are increasing your pain. The physiotherapist may have to re-assess and adjust as appropirate.

Please speak with your physiotherapist if you do not understand anything about the treatment or if there are any problems.

We can provide exercises in a written format or via email. Some exercises have video links which can be mailed to you. (For example to correct your technique.)