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  • Dr Husham Abuleis
    Works as a consultant, joint post with Milton Keynes General Hospital and Milton Keynes Renal Unit
  • Dr Naim Ahmadouk
    Works as a consultant at Oxford, Stoke Mandeville and High Wycombe Renal Units
  • Dr Saumya Gupta
    Works as a consultant at Oxford, Stoke Mandeville and High Wycombe Renal Units
  • Dr Paul Altmann MD FRCP
    Appointed 1995
  • Dr Tom Connor PhD MRCP
    Appointed 2016
  • Dr Tanaji Dasgupta FRCP
    Works as a consultant at Swindon Renal Unit
  • Dr Paul Harden FRCP
    Appointed 2002
  • Dr Philip Mason PhD FRCP
    Appointed 1995: works as a consultant at both Oxford and Milton Keynes Renal Units
  • Dr Edward Sharples FRCP
    Appointed 2007
  • Dr Ben Storey
    Working as a consultant at Oxford
  • Dr Udaya Udayaraj
    Peritoneal dialysis lead consultant, based in Oxford and Banbury
  • Dr Jasna Macanovic
    Works as a consultant at Swindon Renal Unit and Oxford
  • Dr Martin Wilcock
    Joint post with Milton Keynes General Hospital and Oxford Renal Unit

Academic colleagues

  • Professor Richard Cornall FRCP
    Professor of immunology
  • Dr Richard Haynes DM MRCP
    • works as a consultant at Stoke Mandeville Renal Unit
    • clinical governance lead for Oxford Kidney Unit
    • managing patients with progressive chronic kidney disease (including preparations for renal replacement therapy)
    • long-term management of transplant patients
    • clinical trials and epidemiology of kidney disease
  • Dr Will Herrington
  • Dr Marion Mafham
  • Professor David Mole D Phil MRCP
  • Professor Christopher Pugh
  • Doctor Katherine Bull

Senior nurses

  • Allie Thornley
    Clinical Lead and Matron for Renal Medicine
  • Ana Gardete
    Transplant and Urology Matron
  • Deborah Grove
    Deputy Matron Dialysis
  • Evelyn Gicana
    Unit Manager of Stoke Mandeville Renal Unit
  • Nadine Merson
    Unit Manager of the Horton Dialysis Unit in Banbury
  • Evelyn Nadurata
    Unit Manager of Milton Keynes Renal Unit
  • Angela Pietrafesa
    Unit Manager of Tarver Dialysis Unit
  • Marianne Reyes
    Unit Manager of High Wycombe Renal Unit
  • Charlotte Turner
    Unit Manager of the Renal Main Dialysis Unit
  • Raji Ragan
    Unit Manager of the Swindon Renal Unit
  • Jayne Woodhouse
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Manager of the Peritoneal Dialysis Unit

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Team

The peritoneal dialysis (PD) team is a group of specialist nurses who care for patients on are on PD.

Peritoneal dialysis is a form of dialysis usually carried out in the home by a patient or carer. There are two types of PD - CAPD (continuous peritoneal dialysis) and APD (automated peritoneal dialysis).

The Peritoneal Dialysis Unit also has nurses based in Wycombe, Swindon and Milton Keynes. Some of the PD care is carried out by the PD nurse in the patients' homes.

Renal Specialist Nurses

  • Csaba Kiss
    Senior Anaemia Nurse
  • Jo Carter
    Senior Specialist Nurse in Renal Access
  • Myleen Almanza
    Senior Specialist Nurse in Bone and Mineral Metabolism Disorder
  • Gabriella Fisher
    Practice Educator
  • Karen Parsons
    Research Nurse Manager
  • Sharon Stacey
    Senior Specialist Nurse in Pre Dialysis
  • Vicky Bint
    Phlebotomy and Renal Day Case Manager

Kidney Patient Advisor

Linda Evans


Louise Hankinson


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