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Holiday advice

Preparation is vital for your holiday to be smooth and stress free.

Whether taking a cruise, travelling within the UK or abroad, haemodialysis patients have many options to choose from.

Planning a holiday

Please talk to one of our nurses if you are thinking about going on holiday. We have a lot of experience with helping facilitate holidays for our patients. Once you have found a haemodialysis unit near where you will be staying, and the unit have confirmed that they have space on your preferred dates, your team will be happy to help with the paperwork.

Before you book your holiday, you must speak to your haemodialysis team to confirm that you are fit to travel.

You must have blood tests within four weeks of your travel. The unit that you are attending will ask for the completed paperwork and blood tests and liaise with your unit before your first session.

Please ensure all the tests and paperwork are completed and sent in time for your holiday.

The cost of dialysis abroad varies and isn't always free. The UK Global Health Insurance Card (UK GHIC) has replaced the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

You can apply for a replacement once your EHIC has expired. Check their website before any holiday arrangements are made as the information often changes.

Get healthcare cover for travelling abroad - NHS website

Before you travel

Things to organise include:

  • travel insurance
  • vaccinations
  • if you are on the transplant list, please let your coordinator know your dates of travel - depending on where you travel you may need to be suspended from the transplant waiting list for the duration of your holiday.

If you require a fit note to travel, please contact your renal unit manager.

Further information

Last reviewed:03 February 2023