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Oxford Centre for Enablement (OCE)

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Prosthetist and Prosthetic Technician

We provide specialist physiotherapy to inpatients who have undergone amputation at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and complex limb loss patients on the Oxford Centre for Enablement ward.

We have a team of Prosthetists and Prosthetic Technicians based within the Prosthetics Service. They have expertise in all aspects related to prosthetic limbs.

Prosthetists are involved in:

  • assessment of new amputees with regards to potential use of a prosthesis
  • capturing the size and shape of your residual limb
  • design of the prosthesis
  • setting up the prosthesis for the individual
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the prosthesis for the patient and making appropriate adjustments
  • providing information about prosthetic options.

Prosthetic Technicians are involved in:

  • manufacture of prostheses
  • repairs and maintenance of prostheses.

Supplies for use with a prosthesis

For socks, liners and suspension sleeves please call us, or ask your Prosthetist at an appointment.


Please bring to your appointments:

  • appropriate clothing so you can access your prosthesis easily
  • prescribed medications and appropriate snacks to cover time in clinic (appointments are often lengthy)
  • all items related to your prosthesis.

Contact us

Contact us

Once you are registered with a prosthetist in our service. appointments are available on request. To arrange an appointment please call our administration team. Our prosthetists will liaise with the prosthetic technicians on your behalf.


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