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Oxford Centre for Enablement (OCE)

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Prosthetics Occupational Therapist

Prosthetics Occupational Therapists help to maximise your functional ability and improve your quality of life.

We have two Occupational Therapists in our team, and both are Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered.

We work with both adults and children and specialise in upper and lower limb loss: we have the knowledge of tools and devices required to help them with their needs.

We talk to our patients to identify tasks and activities that are difficult or need improving, and work with them to help them achieve their full potential.

We are able to see our patients as outpatients, at home, at work or at school. In these sessions we work with patients to identify areas of difficulty, and explore potential solutions to help improve quality of life.


  • Combined Primary Assessment Clinic
  • Pre-amputation consultations
  • New amputees referred into the service
  • Review of existing amputees
  • Upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Graded Motor Imagery

Contact us

Contact us

You can request a referral to Occupational Therapy via the Prosthetics Service: once known to the Prosthetics Service you may contact Occupational Therapy direct and self-refer.