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First appointment

Once we have received your child's referral letter, we will book their first appointment.

Before you arrive

We will send you a letter in the post with a date and time to bring your child to Oxford to meet the team. All of the details about the appointment will be in the letter, but a member of our nursing team will also call you to discuss what to expect when you get to the hospital.

Please bring any relevant letters from previous hospital visits, and your child's red book.

Craniofacial Outpatients

Please check in at the reception desk and take a seat in waiting room. There is a play area for children. A member of the specialist nursing team will come and say hello, and bring you a few forms to fill in while you wait.

We like to give everyone the time they need to ask any questions, so please bear with us if the clinic is running a little late.

We work as part of a multidisciplinary team. This means there will be quite a few health professionals in the room when we call you in, and you will not need to go from appointment to appointment in different rooms.

You may meet:

  • plastic surgeons
  • neurosurgeons
  • geneticists
  • psychologists
  • speech and language therapists
  • orthoptists
  • our specialist nursing team.

When we call you in, you will have the opportunity to meet everyone in the room.

Each member of the team will ask questions about your child's health and development, so that we can support their needs. They may want to take some measurements and perform a brief physical examination of your child's head.

If necessary, a member of the team may take you and your child to another room, for example for a speech and language assessment.


After your child's appointment we will book a follow-up appointment, if appropriate.

We may arrange for your child to have an X-ray or other tests to help the team make an informed decision about their treatment - this could be an eye check, sleep study or CT/ MRI scan scheduled for a later date.

We will give you our contact details, in case you have any further questions.