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Clinical Biochemistry

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Vancomycin (CSF)

Specimen requirements

Sample type: CSF (Universal)

Collection requirements: No special requirements


Price on application

Turnaround time

Please see Turnaround times

Analytical method


Analysis undertaken at these site(s)

John Radcliffe Hospital

Reference intervals

Monitor CSF vancomycin trough levels prior to the second dose and thereafter on Mon/Wed/Fri in the morning (unless there are concerns regarding vancomycin distribution e.g. continuous CSF drainage, slit ventricles).

CNS trough levels are measured to determine if the dosage is adequate.

The target trough CSF vancomcyin level is 10 to 15 mg/L.

Intrathecal vancomycin has low toxicity, therefore the next dose can be given without awaiting the vancomcyin trough result.