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Clinical Biochemistry

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Our team

Senior clinical staff

  • Dr Brian Shine
    Consultant Chemical Pathologist
  • Dr Nishan Guha
    Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Senior scientific staff

  • Liz Siggs
    Laboratory Manager
  • Dr Reza Morovat
    Consultant Biochemist
  • Zoe Maunsell-Browne
    Principal Biochemist
  • Steven Justice
    Section Manager - Manual Laboratory
  • Justin Kirby
    Section Manager - Core Automated Laboratory
  • Rhiannon Marr
    Section Manager - Screening Laboratory
  • Liz Siggs
    Section Manager - Horton Laboratory
  • Neha Allott
    Training Officer
  • Kevin Paddon
    Departmental IT Manager

Quality team

  • Andrew Platt
  • Claire Thomas
  • Ranvir Kandola
Last reviewed:12 March 2024