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The South Street Gallery

The South Street Gallery at the Churchill Hospital is situated opposite the main restaurant and shows a changing programme of temporary exhibitions.

You Are Amazing: Portraits of OUH Women

15 March 2024 to 25 May 2024

This exhibition brings together a collection of portraits of phenomenal women nominated by their colleagues for making a trailblazing and transformative impact within the world of healthcare.

They include those driving greater equality and scientific development; those who have immigrated in search of a better life to elevate the lives of others in the process; those who tirelessly support fellow women despite their own struggles; those providing limb care to patients impacted by conflict; and those who travelled to Ukraine to train local surgeons in reconstructive surgery.

Their portraits have been painted by Oxford University Hospitals staff: Petra Heenan, Cristyna Bremner, Martina Kliska, Julia Wong, Pratima Gurung and Katarzyna Zawanda.

Head and shoulders watercolour portrait of short-haired smiling woman, looking to one side

Kintsugi People

27 January to 9 March 2024

The Kintsugi People project was devised by Dr Carol Holliday, psychotherapist, and lecturer at the University of Cambridge (now retired).

Through her 30 years of clinical practice, she found people often used metaphors of brokenness, fragmentation, splits or cracks to express distress or describe traumatic events.

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with precious metals, such as gold. It resonates with the process of healing, both inside and out.

This exhibition is of Ryan Davies' photographs of people who have visible scar tissue from either accidents or surgery. The scars in the images have been gilded with pure gold.

Black and white photograph of smiling woman in sleeveless top, with large scar on her shoulder emphasised in gold


11 November 2023 to 27 January 2024

This exhibition features artwork that explores and highlights the complex relationship between behaviour, culture and health.

'Parkinson's Dance' by Kat Brooks-Pugh explores how movement impacts those living with Parkinson's. 'Our Air' (pictured) by Adam Isfendiyar explores the impact of air pollution in London, and 'In Order to Bloom' by Laura Foster tells the story of the complexity and strength of motherhood, coinciding with the ongoing battle against the disease of addiction.

The exhibition has been developed by the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health, the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe and is a collaborative project with the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities at the University of Oxford.

Child in cycle helmet peers through car window: behind is an urban playpark where a woman lifts another small child in a cycle helmet

One Team One OUH

December 2020 onwards

This exhibition brings together paintings and photographs of, and by, OUH staff in response to COVID-19.

It includes photographs documenting the changing working conditions for OUH staff during the pandemic by staff member Jon Lewis, as well as reproductions of paintings by Zito Soares Da Silva (pictured), a member of our Intensive Care Unit's housekeeping team.

Also included are portraits of OUH staff created as part of a national project - Portraits of NHS Heroes - and work by artists who have generously given their time and creativity to thank NHS staff by auctioning and selling their artwork, such as Emma Waddleton - visit our News page to see her painting 'The Hug'.

Zito Soares Da Silva with painted wings on a wall behind, angel-like
Last reviewed:08 April 2024